How to capture your child’s first moments

Watching your child as they take their first few steps outdoors, start to eat solid food or learn to play on their own is an unbelievable experience and something you’ll cherish forever. But those first few life-defining moments are something your child won’t recall, and no matter how much you try to describe these moments, the meaning of them can be lost. This is why we created StepsLife.

To help you fill your baby’s StepsLife Album with the right photos, here are a few top tips.

1. Always be prepared

Children can be incredibly unpredictable, which is why you need to be prepared at all times. Your baby might be lying on their front playing with their toys one minute before racing across the floor on their hands and knees the next. So, try to keep a camera on standby at all times – or just keep your phone in your pocket ready for these treasured moments.

2. Come down to their level

As you’ll tower over your child for many of their first years, you may find that a lot of your photos are an aerial view of your child. But to add to the magic of the memory you are capturing, try to get down to your child’s level, photographing the moment from their perspective. This is also a great way of making sure they don’t get distracted from what they doing, as they’re less likely to be aware that you’re doing something if you’re lying down next to them. This will also remove the risk of any camera shy moments!

3. Find the best light

OK, so we know that getting these all-important photos can be hard and are often spur of the moment. However, if they’re starting to do something frequently, such as playing with a new toy or interacting with pets / other children, try to capture this with the best possible light. It’s great if you can get the natural light hitting their face or you add some atmosphere by getting the light behind them. Have fun and practice your shots in different lights so you know the best angles when those fabulous moments happen.

4. Tell a story as you photograph your child

As your child grows and develops, you’ll probably start to get a gut feeling when something new is about to happen, making you an expert when it comes to capturing the best moments. From setting off to new locations to getting the camera ready at feeding time, you’re the one person who’s going to know your child better than anyone else. So who better to create a wonderful story for your child when they grow up?

From the first time they experience the feeling of sand through their fingers to the life-long friend they develop in their teddy bear, try to keep your child’s story in mind as you start to capture images: that stores will be the perfect companion to the photos when you send them to your children’s StepsLife.

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