How to help your children become confident in themselves

While life events can cause it to change later in life, science says that by the time your child enters the first grade, they have the personality traits that will stay with them for the rest of their life. While this means that you are over the hill by this time, at the same time, it means that you have the ability to shape who your child is for the rest of their life in those precious few years beforehand. One of the most desired personality traits that a child can have is self-confidence. Having confidence in yourself can go a long way in life, and for parents who struggle with it, it is often a trait they want their child to have, but how can you help your child become more confident? 

Set a routine

Your baby isn’t really born with a real sense of themselves, but they can sense what is going on around them. By setting a routine, you allow them to feel safe, secure, and, most importantly, in control of their world. That is how confidence starts. By having day-to-day events occurring seemingly at random, now that is how anxiety starts.

Make time for play

Routines are excellent, but don’t forget time for fun, even if it is sometimes scheduled fun. Through playtime children learn how to solve problems and the act of a solving a problem, particularly on their own with praise from a caregiver, is a great way to build lifelong confidence in themselves. This is why child’s toys often have so many buttons that make fun sounds when pressed as a reward system.

For parents with busy schedules for their children that have to plan play time, never guide them through it. Let your child be the leader of their own adventures. By choosing what toys they want to play with, what games to play, or what fantasies they want to carry out, you are giving them the tools to be more assertive, confident, and build excellent leadership skills.

Encourage success

If your child is struggling with something, that is actually a pretty good sign. As we all know, you can’t go through life succeeding at everything on the first try. However, try to quell the instinct to solve the problem for them. Instead, give them a little help in the right direction. Teach them how to do it without doing it for them, and at the end of it, don’t forget to praise them from a job well done.

That is the most important part. If you child doesn’t know they did something well, how will they ever feel proud for their achievements? Even if it is something little, like putting on their own shoes, be sure to let them know how good of a job they did.

It is these simple steps that you can start doing early that will lead to la

lifetime of confidence in your newborn baby. Not only will teaching them to be problem solvers give them the ability to believe in themselves, but it also gives them the tools to deal with failing, be a leader among others, and be talkative with their peers in the future.


Photo Pixabay