My son eats better than I do

They say that when you become a mom, things change. I can’t say that was true for me across the spectrum, but it certainly was in the kitchen. Over the past year I’ve chosen to bring better foods without GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and organic fruits and vegetables to the dinner table. The change came not just for the benefit of my son, but for the whole family. Adopting this lifestyle was not easy and balance is important in maintaining a healthy habits, including for baby.

Starting on the right track

When my son was ready to start solid foods, I planned to make my own baby food and purchased the best ingredients I could. This included organic vegetables, fresh and frozen, organic broth, lean meats and organic fruits. We were advised by my son’s doctor to start him on baby cereal first, followed by vegetables and meats. We moved on to fruits, egg, and most recently, whole wheat pasta. At one year, my son is a great eater and he loves his protein and vegetables.

Maintaining healthy habits

Setting him up to enjoy healthy homemade foods was the right choice for our family and it’s up to us to keep the momentum going. I’m letting him try other things slowly but we stick to the script of veggies, meats, fruit and dairy as staples. We keep starches and carbohydrates to a minimum and don’t offer any cereal or pre-packaged snacks. Let’s be honest, my son doesn’t care what he’s eating as long as I don’t take too long to prepare it! For now, when I have the ability to monitor what he eats, I want to make sure he’s getting the best he can until he’s old enough to decide on his own. Even when he’s eating better than we do! The best way to let him try new things without undoing our hard work is to choose better ingredients like a vegetable pizza with whole wheat crust or a veggie pie with organic ingredients. We also let him feed himself. I know, you’ll have to clean the mess, but by doing this your baby will experiment new textures and flavours while have fun. We love to watch my son as he experiments with the food and take fun pictures of him getting messy.

Navigating the waters outside the home

Our healthy eating habits are a snap to uphold at home. When you venture out to eat and visit a friend’s house for dinner, the water gets a little murky. Until the rest of the world catches up with the way we are eating, I have to remember to let go every now and then and let him try other things. Thinking back to all of the crap I ate over the years, a spoonful of birthday cake isn’t going to break the bank. At the same time, it’s okay to politely decline when relatives offer baby unhealthy foods. The key is balance, even tipping the scales in the direction of good foods rather than the bad. When my son is ready to ask for snacks, I hope he’ll have learned a thing or two about delicious healthy food.