8 Ways to track baby’s growth in the first year

In the blink of an eye, that sweet bundle of joy you brought home from the hospital will be smashing their first birthday cake. From snapping pictures to writing it all down, here are some simple ways you can document your baby’s milestones and accomplishments throughout their first year.

1. Take a monthly picture

This is the most popular way to capture baby’s growth and there are thousands of ideas out there on how to do this. Parents are getting creative with their photo shoots, such as using the same outfit each time to posing their infant in with a giant teddy bear for scale. Do what speaks to you, but this is an easy way to snap memories of your growing baby.

2. Document each stages

You can take a monthly photo with details about your baby at each stage. Document baby’s length, weight, number of teeth and funny habits to make looking back a laugh.

3. Watch them grow into clothes

Babies outgrow clothing fast, but you can enjoy watching them grow into them, too. Pick out a special outfit that’s too big now (suggest 12 months) and take periodic photos to see them fill it out.

4. Make a giant ruler

A different take on starting a height tracker in your doorframe, this is portable and can be used for many years. Start by marking down baby’s birth length and track each spurt throughout the year. If you’re worried about measuring a squirmy baby, jot down their length after each doctor visit and record it on the ruler. After one year, do it on their birthday or whenever they want to see how tall they’ve grown.

5. Take a video of favorite pastimes

Babies often get too many toys to play with and only a few become favorites. Take a short video of baby bonding with their current favorite plaything. They likely won’t remember their best buddy when they’re older.

6. Celebrate the holidays

Don’t forget that a baby’s first year also includes first holiday fun. In addition to taking a few family photos, do a small craft with baby, like making a turkey with their footprints or placing their handprint on an ornament.

7. Picture a Day

This is a little more work than the standard monthly snapshot, but taking a daily photo and stringing them all together in a movie can be an extraordinary. keepsake. You’ll see those subtle changes that you just can’t see day in and day out.

8. Record those milestones

Keep track of those big days in baby’s development like first smile, first laugh, first steps and first words. Write down other special moments as they happen like “met his great-great grandfather.” When they’re older, you can show them all the fun experiences they had in their first year of life.

The memories you make with your baby can be stored forever in your mind and on your heart, and from now on, on StepsLife.

Photo Pixabay