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Try to think back to your earliest memory, it is pretty hard isn’t it? A lot of things have happened in between then and now, but likely the earliest you will be able to remember happened around the age of seven. This lack of early childhood memories is referred to as childhood amnesia, which is the reason why we came up with StepsLife.

StepsLife was born to make parenting easier when it comes to keeping and protecting our child’s early memories.

As parents, we know how each step of our child is full of emotions, feelings and thoughts that will turn into memories. We could spend all day watching our little ones. However, as they grow, our memories blur and we forget about the details that surrounded each moment in time. So when our children ask us about a specific moment in their life we just remember the big picture, and what we tell them is what they will keep as a memory.

Therefore, we created StepsLife: we want to bring back the love of every unique memory by helping children remember and relive the years of their lives that made them the way they are.

We believe memories are more than a picture but stories that make each moment unique. We know each step we make can be lived and told from many different angles and all of them describe a bit of ourselves.

Life is too precious to be lived just once. We’re made of memories. We’re made of steps, steps that deserve to be remembered.

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