3,2,1…Meet StepsLife

Guess what? We’re finally launching StepsLife!

We’ve been working non-stop to give you the best gift for your baby: his private time cappsule.

In just one blink of an eye, your little bundle of joy will be soon celebrating his first birthday. And when you least expected, your little girl will come home with her first boyfriend. Time goes really fast and as parents, we know every little step is unique.

Your baby’s first life-defining moments are amazingly special for you and your child, full of intense and varied emotions. Everything that happens during those years defines our personality and makes us the way we are. Unfortunately, we can’t retrieve those early memories, this is known as childhood amnesia.

We’ve got the solution! We’ve created StepsLife to help your children relive and remember every detail, feeling and emotion of their first years of life.

Create your children’s time capsulekeep and record each moment and send messages, photos, videos and audios even before your little one is born. When he grows up, he’ll be able to relive every small and big step of his childhood. Help your children know themselves better and become happier adults.

As easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Download our mobile app and sign up.
  2. Register your baby and invite family and friends.
  3. Capture and send every special moment.

Easy, right?


Privacy, privacy, privacy!

StepsLife is private and secure: you can invite relatives and friends to share the most exciting memories they have lived with your children.

As parents, you are the only owners of all the content on their children’s StepsLife account and you can download a digital timeline any time. Parents have access to everything their children receive, while guest users only have access to what they’ve send. This way, we keep a private communication channel with your children.

Your privacy is our priority. This is why we’ve also adopted internal measures to protect your children in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Life is too precious to be lived just once. With StepsLife you’ll help your children relive their early memories any time.