Saving memories

Having a child is exciting, daunting, beautiful, overwhelming and surprising, all at the same time. The memories are precious, but moments can seem to slip past. We love the million little moments that come with being a parent, and we want you to be able to keep them for the future.

Setting up an inbox for your child to visit in the future is a great way to give them a treasury of memories that you build as time goes by. Here are a few tips for filling that inbox with memories that will last:

1. Fun, shared times

Take photos or video of things you’ve done together, or just write a quick few lines, status-style, about why it was great. It doesn’t have to be perfect – just whatever you think of first, whatever photos you took, save them and send them. Grabbing that moment at the end of a day on the beach, or your child’s first time in the snow, can be a precious memory for a long time to come.

2. The good to-do list

If life seems to be about tasks and chores, this is a way to make a to-do list filled with good things. Sometimes you’ll see something that would be perfect for your child if they were just a bit older, or remember something you loved that you haven’t shared with them yet. By keeping a running list of things you love that you want to share when the time is right, you don’t need to spontaneously remember things you want to do together. Let the to-do list do the work for once!

3. Part of parenting is trying to help your children understand the world they live in, but that can be tough

While we all have wisdom we’ve gained from our experience, none of us are wise all the time! You can use your child’s inbox as a place to send the insights you have, whenever you have them. Send them things you want them to know, or things that you wish you had known, whenever you think of them, to share what you’ve learned without pressure.

4. Goofing around

Parenting is hard work, but laughter is awesome! When you find a gif you like, or a story that makes you laugh, or a moment you want to laugh about with your child when they’re older, send it to their inbox. Jokes, nicknames, puns, dumb videos – share the fun stuff and keep it for good.

Finally, remember not to worry about missing out. Life is so rich and so much is happening that it’s easy to feel like you’re missing things, even as you record moments that you’ll keep forever. But the fact is, you’re already experiencing an astonishing thing – the growth and life of a child, and your life as a parent. By capturing memories, you’re adding a new layer of richness and depth to everything you’re sharing; deepening the privilege of being a parent. Enjoy it!