5 Key moments to remember during pregnancy

The emotions you experience throughout your pregnancy are so intense and so varied, you think they’ll remain with you forever.

The truth, though, is that when so many changes happen so quickly, things tend to blur together. Once the baby comes, you’ll be so busy that those nine months seem to vanish from memory.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

We’re sharing five key moments you’ll want to remember forever, and someday even share with your child.

1. The Day You Learn You’re Pregnant

Whether you took a home pregnancy test or first got the news from your doctor, learning you are about to have a baby is an amazing experience. It’s a moment filled with rolling waves of shock, joy, fear, amazement, disbelief, and excitement.

This is the instant your life changes forever.

2. Sharing the News with Daddy

Whether you simply flash that pregnancy test at him, rush to wherever he is when you hear the good news, or plan an elaborate reveal, telling your partner that he’s about to be a father is almost as exciting as learning the news yourself.

3. Sharing the Big News

Everyone seems to have different ideas about telling friends and family that they’re expecting. Some people want to wait until after the first trimester, while others can’t wait to tell everyone they know.

Once you share the news, get used to people asking how you feel!

4. The First Time You See Your Baby

That first ultrasound is often when you truly feel pregnant for the first time. After all, it takes months for there to be a baby bump, and the bun in your oven has yet to move. Once you see your baby in those ultrasound images, the fact that you’re growing a tiny person inside you becomes very real.

5. The First Time You Feel Your Baby Move

That first kick is one of the most amazing feelings you’ll ever experience. It may feel like a slight nudge or it may have a bit more oomph to it, but it’s like nothing you’ve ever felt before. Eventually, your baby will seem to always be on the move, but nothing matches the wonder of that first time.

These are just a sample. Which are your favorite pregnancy moments?

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