3 Indoor activities for winter fun

Baby, it’s cold outside, and heading to the park is no longer an option. However, that doesn’t mean building fond memories  has to be out of the question, or even difficult. In fact, there are a number of wonderful indoor activities you can do with your kids.

Because making happy memories with your child is an important part of helping to shape who he or she will become, you will want to make sure to continue spending time with your little one even when the weather is dreary.

Here are a few of our favorite indoor activities for you and your little buddy to do on those cold winter days:

Bake Cookies

Everyone likes cookies, and even if your tiny baker is a bit too young to actually measure ingredients and use an oven, we are sure he or she will enjoy helping you add ingredients to the mixing bowl and stir the dough.

Bathtub Fingerpaint

Okay, so we all know fingerpaint is a blast. However, no parent is ever excited about the cleanup that follows the fun. Therefore, we have decided it’s best to still have all the fun while avoiding the worst of the cleanup by doing fingerpaint art in the bathtub. By using the tub as an easel, you will be able to quickly soap your little artist down and bathe them (as well as clean the bottom and sides of the tub) as soon as the art session has ended.

Sensory Tub

If your mini-playmate is into digging, they are sure to dig this. To make a sensory tub, simply fill a large container with dry rice, dry beans, or sand. Add some digging toys, put the bin on the floor, and let the digging fun begin! To reduce the mess made by all the bits of rice, beans, or sand, put the filled tub inside of an otherwise empty kiddie pool. This will contain messes nicely.

While you are making all of these amazing memories with your little guy or girl, be sure to record them using a photo-, video-, or audio-recording device. After the fun has ended, you can add the fun memory to your collection at StepsLife so you can  look back on it again and again.