Essential newborn photos

Newborn babies are one of this world’s most precious and beautiful gifts. It’s no secret that children grow up fast and parents of toddlers and older children relish the days when their little one was so small. Capturing photos of your baby when they are just a week or so old is something every parent should do.

Whether you are planning to hire a photographer or set it up yourself, these are 10 essential poses you don’t want to forget.

  1. Sweet knits – Crocheted baby hats and diaper covers make the perfect photo props. You can find them in the likeness of almost any animal and color, so choose something that speaks to you. The yarn photographs nicely in most lighting and contrasts beautifully with baby’s soft skin.
  1. The baby bottom – Take off the diaper and lay your baby face down on a soft and fuzzy blanket. Capture aerial shots of your little one all snuggled up. Don’t delay on these photos and return your baby to a diaper as soon as possible!
  1. Resting head – 90 percent of your newborn photos will be of baby sleeping. Position your little one on their belly with their head in their hands or their fingers resting on their face. This is a peaceful pose that captures their angelic nature.
  1. Ten fingers and toes – Trim baby’s nails and take close ups of their little hands and fingers. You can wrap their arm around a stuffed animal or place their hand in yours for scale. Their perfect little toes and feet naturally curl up under their bottom, a position they held for hours in the womb.
  1. Photos with Mom – Your baby just spent nine months inside Mom’s body and it’s a beautiful to capture the pair again. Moms can hold baby at their belly to mimic where they were just a few days ago or rest baby’s head on their shoulder for a side angle shot. Don’t forget to snap a photo of you kissing baby.
  1. Photos with Dad – Whether it’s a little princess or a little slugger, get fun and creative for your photos with Dad. Incorporate one of his hobbies such as a sports team or show off his goofy side with a smiley shot.
  1. Capture the season – If your baby was born near a holiday or in the middle of a season, include this in your photo ideas. Fall babies can use leaves and pumpkins for props, while summer babies can lay on a beach towel.

To accomplish all of this, make sure your baby is very sleepy. At less than two weeks old, after a feeding, baby will let you pose them just about any way! There are limitless ideas for newborn photo shoots, so choose something that speaks to you and your family. Have a few back up ideas in case the star isn’t cooperating.