Bumps and bruises will happen, and that’s okay!

My son is a one-year-old adventurer. As he’s running/laughing down the hallway, there’s a good chance he will lose his footing and take a tumble. These trips, slips and falls are only the beginning and parents need to remember that it’s okay for baby to fall down.

Don’t overreact

When my little one falls down, I try not to overreact. I’ll say “Uh oh, boom boom.” If he’s in a good mood, he’ll dust himself off and keep going. If he’s getting tired, he’ll cry until I comfort him. But when he sees that his fall was not that serious to me, he can think the same and move on to a new distraction. It is our hope that this self-soothing technique will help him as he grows and won’t feel the need to yell for mom and dad when he just pinched a finger.

Listen for the cues

When my son takes a really good tumble, it is not just a minor playtime setback. His cry will be louder and longer and that signals he’s in pain. This will likely be different for every baby, but learning what’s a real injury and what is a frustration cry can help you deal with the situation. If I see him go down and it looks like a hard fall, I’ll scoop him up quickly and get the comforting started.

Babyproof the real dangers

Sharp corners. Stairwells. Bath tubs. My son might trip over his own feet in the middle of an empty room, but we do all we can to keep him out of serious danger, such as catching the corner of a table or falling off the bed. We are in between the stages of a newborn who was relatively stationary and a child who can be reasonably self-sufficient. Where we are now requires constant supervision. There are many of products out there, but the best protection is our watchful eye.

A little bruise is nothing to worry about

I am a working mother so I catch up with my son after dinner. Occasionally I will notice a bruise or a scratch on his arms or legs from a day of play. When I see these, it’s never a cause for panic. Sometimes, even when I’m with him all day, I’ll spot a bruise and won’t have any idea how he got it. As long as the bruise is small, there’s no need to phone the doctor.