10 Key milestones to record in baby’s first year

The first year of your baby’s life is filled with so many firsts, our list of 10 barely scratches the surface. Believe us, you’ll want to cherish and remember each one.

1. The Birth

Those first contractions, your water breaking, the rush to the hospital, the first time you hold your baby. You’ll want to remember each life-changing moment.

2. Baby’s First Diaper Change

Okay, this may sound odd, but it can be a funny, weird moment when you change your first diaper, especially if it’s your first time!

3. Baby’s First Bath

There’s something unbelievably soothing and sweet about giving your little one his or her first bath. And there is nothing in the world like that clean baby smell…

4. The First Time Baby Crawls

Once your baby goes mobile, it’s a whole new world. Be prepared to be amazed at the things your baby decides look delicious.

5. Baby’s First Holidays

Every first holiday is like experiencing it yourself for the first time, and there’s no way you can snap enough pictures.

6. Baby’s First Smile

You thought your heart was already bursting with love? Wait until the first time your baby smiles at you.

7. Baby’s First Tooth

The time leading up to that first tooth is a drool-filled wonder, but once your baby’s first tooth breaks free, every smile and picture afterward carries an extra dose of adorable.

8. Baby’s First Steps

It starts with “cruising” around the room, one hand safely holding onto mommy or a piece of furniture, but soon your baby is off and running, making you want to cry and laugh at the same time.

9. Baby’s First Words

Most babies’ first word is, “No!” After all, that’s the word they seem to hear the most. Whether it’s no, mama, dada, or baba, though, you’ll want a box of tissues nearby.

10. Baby’s First Birthday

The big day! You can’t believe a year has gone by. It seem like just yesterday you brought your little one home from the hospital. Pro tip: bake an extra cake for baby to destroy.

Every moment is unique and you’ll probably want to keep them all forever. Which are your children’s favorite milestones?