4 Tips for post-work play

Working hours are growing more grueling with each passing year, and competition only seems to be moving in one direction – upward. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that first-time parents find it challenging to spend adequate time with their children. But balancing work and parenthood is an art, and just like most things, can be easily accomplished with the right tips and tricks.

Here’s a little list with ideas that can help parents ensure they spend a little time with their kids each day.

1. A schedule simplifies things

One thing that always helps working parents is a schedule. Since it is so similar to how things are run at the workplace, a schedule allows parents to effortlessly allocate some time at the end of the day to spend with their children and play little games like scrabble or twenty questions. Setting aside an hour or two before bedtime as an exclusive parent-child window has another advantage as well; it serves as the perfect time to hear all about how the day went for the kids. This fortifies the bond parents share with their little ones.

2. Dinner games are fun

How can working parents make time for post-work play when the workload is so great that they only manage to get home in time for dinner? The answer is simple, and borderline genius – make dinner fun by throwing some games into the mix. Some enjoyable games that can be played at the dinner table include Two Truths and a Tall Tale (where one player states three things about themselves, two of which are true and one of which is made up, and the other players guess what the made-up statement is), One of These Things (where one player names four things, of which three are inter-related while the fourth is not, and the other player determines the odd one out), and educational games like learning state capitals or the Alphabet Game.

3. Bedtime stories just became bedtime games

Another ideal way to make time for post-work play is by giving the traditional concept of bedtime stories a more contemporary twist by transforming them into bedtime games. Story Starters works great, and it also helps retain the idea of storytelling before going to bed. Would You Rather is another fun game, and allows children to have a laugh or two before dozing off to sleep. Musical games such as Name That Tune and Chorus Party are fun too, and add some much-needed peace at the end of a long day.

4. Pajama walks to the rescue

On some days, working mothers may only get back home after dinner’s done and the kids have brushed their teeth, slipped into their pajamas, and are ready for bed. It’s on days like these that pajama walks come rushing to the rescue. Taking the children for a stroll in the neighborhood after dinner time offers both parents and kids an opportunity to unwind and decompress before bedtime. These pajama walks can be made more fun by adding some little games like hopscotch, or by having short and quick races.

It’s really as simple as this. And all working parents need to remember is that when it comes to kids, it’s never too late for some bonding and post-work play.

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