8 Ways to manage those first month visitors

In the first days and weeks after your baby is born, family and friends will be clamoring to catch a glimpse of your bundle of joy. It’s natural to be welcoming, but you have to remember that this is a time for you to recuperate and bond with your baby. Entertaining people at home is the last thing you should have on your mind.

Nevertheless, you’ll have some visitors and here are a few tips to help manage the traffic flow:

1. Say no to visitors in the hospital – The time you spend in the hospital should be about you and the baby entirely. Invite immediate family members only and ask your friends and other relatives to wait until you’re settled at home. Plus, you don’t have to worry about others seeing you in a hospital gown.

2. Limit to one visit per day – Whether your parents are coming over for tea or your best friend is visiting after work, limit your visitors to one group per day. That way, you can still rest and maintain your schedule without endless interruptions.

3. Don’t offer food or drinks – While it’s a social call, don’t feel the need to offer snacks or play hostess. Your visitors are there for one thing, to hold the new baby. They don’t need appetizers!

4. It’s okay that your house is a unwept – Taking care of a newborn is hard work and maternity leave is not a vacation. You probably won’t get all your chores done in a day. What’s more, your friends won’t mind a messy coffee table. They know what you just went through.

5. Be a germ-o-phobic, for now – Your baby’s immune system is very sensitive so ask your visitors to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before handling your infant. They won’t be offended and will gladly scrub up to snuggle up.

6. Take lots of pictures – When each visitor arrives, snap a photo of them holding your newborn. Babies grow so quickly and they will make precious memories.

7. Expect the star to be sleeping – It’s very likely that your baby will sleep through many of the visits. Don’t feel the need to wake them to show off their eyes or to put on a special outfit. Pass the baby around slowly and if they get fussy, it’s okay to end the visit early.

8. Accept their offer to shop for you – Before your guest arrives they may ask if you need anything, knowing that you can’t pop out for a quick shopping trip anymore. Whether you’re low on deodorant or you need some bananas, accept their offer to pick up something for you.

And remember, enjoy every second with your baby.