The power of messages to capture key moments

Childhood moves quickly. Saving the memories you share with your kids can be tough – but the reason we created StepsLife is that we want it to be easy to record the little, everyday moments.

That’s why we think of StepsLife as a digital time capsule. The idea of the inbox is that you’re able to share sweet messages that you wrote exclusively for your kids, marking every milestone, large or small, over the course of the years they spent growing up.

If you’re uncertain about how to get started with creating messages that help freeze a significant moment or emotion in time, here are some tips to help you out.

Trust your gut

Every parent has that instinctive gut feeling that makes their hearts spill over when their children do something, anything, that’s remarkable. It could be something as little as a yawn or something as meaningful as a first step, or anything in between – the first cake they bake, an expression on their face that’s unique to them, a funny joke they tell perfectly. Whatever the moment you wish to add to your StepsLife may be, there’s nothing like a little message to make it all the more personal. And you don’t always need an essay or a long letter; sometimes, trusting your gut feeling and writing down the first thing that crosses your mind records a moment better than a long, well-thought-out composition, because it reflects exactly how special that little moment was to you.


Short is beautiful

Ask the creators of ad campaigns and they’ll tell you how a few words strung together in the right way can sometimes move more hearts than endless, meaningless words arranged conventionally. Simple language does this because it connects with the reader on a simple, emotional level. So that’s a good place to begin – short messages or notes written in simple, everyday language: remember you’re talking to your children. Write an interesting or a funny tidbit about the incident that you’re making a note of, and attach a couple of pictures to make it a tad bit more special.

Add some warm details

As a parent, you might have a nickname for your little bundle of joy – perhaps you even have a fun catchphrase that doubles as a little inside joke between you and your kids. Using these in your messages makes them exclusive and personalized. And, once the years have gone by and your little ones decide to make a trip down the memory lane, and open this archive of cute ideas and incidents, and go through those long-forgotten nicknames or other amusing details from their childhoods, it’ll be another special moment.

It doesn’t need to be hard to keep a record of the little moments and emotions that make up your life together. Capture those milestones by taking a few seconds to write about how it made you feel, or what it meant to you. These tiny things go a long way in helping you create beautiful messages for your children to open and enjoy later in life.