5 must-haves to have a picnic with babies

The weather is perfect to have a small picnic in the weekend. No need to go too far, and you don’t even have to drive. Discover the parks in your city, enjoy the environment and have a fun meal with your family.

But what do you need to have a picnic with a baby? These are the must-haves you should not forget.

iStock-121345621.jpgProtect them from the sun

Even with this great weather, protecting your skin and your baby’s skin from the sun should always be a priority. Baby’s skin needs extra care. Pediatricians recommend not to expose babies to direct sunlight for their first 6 months . After this age ,  they can play around in the sun, but with the right sunscreen.  It is important that when looking for the right sunscreen, we do not only look for the highest protection rating, but for the ones that are suitable for children under 3 years old.

Apply sunscreen generously  in your baby’s arms, legs, face or any other body part that it is exposed to direct sunlight.  Reapply every two hours to prevent sunburn and if your baby is spending time in the water. In addition, products without perfume and parabens are a better option for your baby.

Always wear a cap

Avoid direct sunlight on the baby’s head by wearing a hat or cap. If you use a stroller, protect your child from direct sunlight with the hood and place a thin blanket on top. This type of thin blankets, keep babies fresh while preventing direct contact with the sun.

Sunglasses, yes or no?

Specialists recommend using sunglasses when the exposure is going to be prolonged and intense. If they are going to be in the stroller, a cap will be enough. In any case, always buy sunglasses adapted to the children, with flexible materials that protect children when falling down and lenses suitable for their delicate eyes. Prolonged exposure to the sun may lead to future eye problems.

Constant hydration

Remember to often hydrate your baby. Depending on the age you can offer breast milk or water, so do not forget to bring enough liquids to your picnic. It’s better to avoid giving them juices, with high amount of sugar.

Cover the grass

Before leaving home do not forget to take a large blanket  to cover yourself from the grass. Choose a comfy blanket on which you can put the baby. This will prevent the child from being in direct contact with the grass or any other hard surface, taking things with his hands and taking them to his mouth or damaging his skin while crawling.

Now you have everything you need to spend a perfect picnic day with your family. Just fill the basket with fresh and healthy food and enjoy a fun meal!

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