How to choose the best changing table for your baby

Maybe you never thought about the amount of tools and accessories a baby needs before having your own. Things like furniture for their new bedroom or for yours too,  food, hygiene products , tiny toys and many other things will be part of the many purchases and decisions you will have to make before your baby’s arrival.

One of the things you will have to purchase is the changing table. Small, big, multipurpose, developmental… which would be the best for your baby? If you want to make a good decision don´t forget to read these five tips to choose the best changing table for your baby.iStock-469083660.jpg

Choose the model in terms of security

The first condition we have to take into account when choosing any item for our baby is security. In this case, we have to be sure that the changing table is solid and doesn’t have holes in which your baby could catch himself in. Be careful with the changing tables that have a lid. Ensure it doesn’t have notches were babies could place their little fingers and also that the lid remains securely fixed once you open it. A good option is to choose changing tables with raised sides to avoid the baby from falling.

Consider the space you have at home

Choose the best and most comfortable place to install the changing table before you buy it. It’s not the same buying a changing table to install it in the bathroom, where spaces are usually smaller, than installing it in the baby’s room directly. You can decide for simpler changing tables that save space like a changing mattress or an inflatable dresser; or bigger models such as baby bath changing stations and furniture.

Optimize your purchase

Baby items aren’t cheap. An option could be to buy some models you can repurpose in your home. Many families opt for buying changing tables with a bath integrated. This way they get two essential items in one.

Another option is to buy a piece of furniture that includes a bathtub cover with a lid that works as a changing table. This used to be an alternative for children’s rooms as furniture often have drawers where you can place your little baby’s clothes. Once your little one has grown up, you just have to remove the plastic bathtub and get rid of the changing mattress. This way, the final result will be a beautiful dresser for your baby’s room.

Don’t forget to take care of your back

Even when it’s so obvious, not all parents have the same height. This is the reason why we recommend you to ensure the changing table has height adjustment before buying it. This is something very simple and helpful to avoid back pains when you bathe and change your little baby.

Always remember the compliments

When buying the changing table, think on all the items and accessories your baby will need. It will be very useful to have them at hand. Be sure your changing table has enough space surrounded by fabric where you can place lotions, creams, diapers, wet wipes, etc … Once you have your little baby on the changing table it’s necessary you have all the items within distance to avoid moving farther away, and resulting in your baby falling. Never lose sight of your baby.

Now that you have all these tips, all you need to do is to implement them and choose the best changing table for you and your little one. You will find a comfortable changing space at home. It is very different, when you go out and have to change your baby in a public place. Even though changing spaces for babies keep coming up more and more, these aren’t distributed equally among bathrooms based on  gender; which is a pity because some dads like changing and taking care of their babies too. It would be fantastic they were able to do it in male bathrooms in public spaces too. 

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