Your baby’s first words

Don’t ever forget your baby’s first words. Record them so you can remember them when your child is all grown up. StepsLife will help you.

Mommy or Daddy? Which one was your baby’s first words? You will never forget those first words. It is one of the most special moments to remember in your baby’s life, and of course, in yours. Because those very first milestones are the ones that leave a trace.

Between 6 and 8 months babies begin uttering sounds similar to words they want to say to other people. Up to that moment, the little ones have worked long and hard in developing vowel sounds, trying to make little sounds by placing their little lips and tiny tongue in different positions. A mission that will end up in the long awaited “mama” “dada” “papa.”

The first consonants that babies say are “b”, “n” and “d.” That is why many children’s first word is “dada”. They often sound like they are making a long gassy sound! It is a sound that they practice for a long time. Babies’ sounds are not always very clear but we don’t mind. We love to watch their progress and we smile at every intent they make at saying something.

Encourage your baby to communicate

Mother and baby playing on bed

Even though your baby, at that moment, doesn’t say anything that makes sense, we are always expecting the first word. Praise her efforts and encourage her to repeat the behavior to communicate. Step by step, her small utterings will begin to make sense and she will identify the sounds she’s making with daddy and mommy, the most important people in her life.

Speak to your little one

Your baby loves to imitate your words; he is in a world of sounds that he wants to practice. That is why it is important that you give him the stimulation to make those sounds. Talk to him while you’re changing his diaper, when you bathe him, and while you are playing with him. It is good to make eye contact to establish communication.

If the family does not live nearby and cannot visit as much as they would like, invite them to record videos for your little one. Then play them for him so that he can listen to their words and the sounds that their grandparents, uncles, and aunts make and see their faces. Through new technology, the whole family can participate in the baby’s first milestone and remember the experience forever.

Read out loud

Another way to stimulate baby to speak is through children songs and reading stories to her. It is a nice way to create an interest in words because of their sounds. Reading helps develop memory, auditory skills, attention, and with continuous practice, the ability for the baby to express herself. Besides, it is a lovely way to share experiences and unique moments with your children.

As an alternative, you can also collect audios of songs and stories that you can play for your baby so that he doesn’t get lonely and is in touch with words.

mother and baby are watching at phone

Keep all the songs, family conversations, cute messages for your baby so that he can remember them in the future. It is easy to access StepsLife and save all those memories in your baby’s time capsule. When he is older, you can show him along with his first words, how excited all of you got with this first milestone.

StepsLife is there for you in all those special moments, the app that allows you, in a safe way, to store and organize your family’s memories.

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