Your baby is unique.

Your mother. The relatives. Your best friend, everybody. When you are pregnant there are many people who want to help you, advise you, transfer their experience so that the first moments of motherhood do not turn into a sea of doubt. When your child is about to come the fears appear, it’s normal.

This is the first time we see our baby, we raise our baby, we educate our baby. Will I know how? Will I do it right? What if I don’t do the right thing?

All mothers and fathers have gone through that stage of uncertainty, but never forget that you are the one who knows your baby best. With that trust, who better than you can make the right decisions for your little one?

You’re the one who understands better

Young mother and newborn baby in white bedroom

The connection between your baby and yourself after spending 9 months inside your womb, your intuition, living 24 hours a day with your baby; makes you the person who best understands him/her. The experience of others is part of a collective wisdom that makes us grow and improve, but you are the one who knows the needs your little one has.

In these first moments, your baby needs to have you close, to feel, smell and perceive that you are there.

Your little one needs your food and you have the ability to decide how you want to do it. You’re the person who knows best what your baby needs. No one else is able to put themselves in your shoes, to know what you are living with your baby. Every baby is unique and special. That’s why there are no two equal experiences.

The way of motherhood

Father and little baby

Being a mother or a father doesn’t mean knowing everything. The key is to learn little by little, from his/her hand. You’ll know what your little one needs and when your baby wants it. You’ll hear people around you telling you not to give in. Others that will encourage you to be with your baby at all times. They’re all there to cheer you up and help you, but only you know the best way to be the best mom.

Learn every step of the way. The goal is achieved with small steps, the prize is to see how your baby grows to become healthy and happy. And you, as parents are the people who most want the best for your child.

Those around you, want the best for the new family member. But their opinions are the result of their personal experience or knowledge of motherhood and fatherhood. And, although there are common lines that unite us all, each experience is unique.

The advice and opinions will help you, but only you know what is best for your baby, how to care for and protect your little one. No one better than you. You may make mistakes. Who hasn’t? The road also consists of overcoming obstacles and mistakes are part of learning.

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