5 Tips for a fun beach day with your baby

The long-awaited summer vacation has finally arrived. We were looking forward to having some free days to spend more time with our family. One of the favorite destinations for families with children is the beach, kids love water and playing in the sand. It’s like having a natural amusement park at your fingertips.

But before you go to the beach it’s time to prepare everything to enjoy the day without missing anything. That’s why we’ve made a list of the five things you need to enjoy the perfect family beach day.

Hydration and food

On beach asian and caucasian babies eat fruits fresh watermelons

When you go to the beach with the kids it is important that you bring fresh water so that they can constantly stay hydrated. The heat is intense and you should make them drink water from time to time. Avoid sodas and drinks with lots of sugars.

Before going to the beach, prepare some finger food in case anyone gets hungry. We recommend a bowl of fresh seasonal fruits that also have a good concentration of water. A skewer of watermelon, melon, kiwi and pineapple can be perfect alternative to soothe your kids’ appetite.

Protection against the sun

The mustache drawing sunscreen on baby (boy) face.

The skin of babies is very delicate so we must protect it from the damage of the sun. Before you leave home protect your baby’s skin with sunscreen that is appropriate for his age and skin characteristics. Ask your pediatrician or pharmacist for advice to know which protector is right for your children. Once you are on the beach remember to re-apply sunscreen every two hours.

Be sun-smart this summer

Everytime you go to the beach with kids, remember to bring a large beach umbrella under which to put your baby. A good option for babies are beach shelters, with greater coverage, they protect your kids better and prevent the sun’s rays from affecting their skin directly. If this type of sunshade is used, remember to facilitate the ventilation to prevent your kids from getting too hot.

Prior to leaving, don’t forget to bring a cap or a hat to protect your little one’s head when you walk or play together.

Family size Towel

Forget about the little towels you were taking to the beach before you had kids. Now you don’t just need a place to lie down, but a place to put the baby to avoid direct contact with the sand. Your baby will feel comfortable on a soft towel. If you have hammocks, or you are one of those who rent them on the beach, never leave the baby alone in them. They can move and unexpectedly fall at any time.

Few toys

Mother with little daughter on the beach

Toys are important for your kids, but select the ones that are appropriate for the beach. A bucket, a shovel and a rake to make castles or a dike to stop the waves.

Now that we have everything in the beach bag is time to go out and enjoy the sea!

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