5 Happiness lessons we can learn from our children

One of the most important tasks we have as parents is to teach our children. We teach them so that when they grow up they become good people, so that their intellectual and professional performance is adequate, so that they learn to value what they have. We have a lot to show our kids as we are their referent.

But parents do not just have to think about giving lessons to their kids. We should also learn from them. They are the best teachers, the best in the pursuit of happiness through the simple things of life. You don’t believe it? Watch with attention this 5 things we as parents have learned from them.

1. To laugh out loud


As you grow up, that sincere and spontaneous childish laughter is lost. Get it back with your children. Don’t be afraid to laugh at silly things, those are the ones they like the most. Besides, laughing is a natural medicine with which we can free ourselves from stress, negativity and worry.

2. Enjoy the simple things

baby girl playing in box with styrofoam pellets

If there is something children show us is that they can be happy with very little. How many times have you felt disappointed because your little girl has paid more attention to the box than to the toy you have worked so hard to buy? The toy is surely fantastic, but a simple cardboard box can be used to build a car, store magical objects, make an astronaut helmet … There is a whole world to create with a simple piece of cardboard.

3. Boost creativity


Children are full of surprises. They are able to create wonderful things with anything within reach. This, of course, amazes us. That is why it is time to return to childhood and take advantage of their way of seeing the world, where nothing is impossible. Do creative family cooking, painting, drawing, fantastic constructions, crafts that they will love and that you will enjoy watching as they have fun with activities that, in addition, develops different parts of their brain.

4. The importance of hugs and kisses

Family happiness! Happy mother tenderly embracing his two sons i

If there is a magic medicine that can do everything it has to be kisses and hugs. Learn to ask and give kisses and hugs when you need them, as they do. Because it is not a simple gesture. The kisses and hugs tell us how much we can love another person, heal the most terrible scars on our knees and make the ghosts that are hidden under the bed go away.

5. The concern to know

Young girl underwater imagination
There are stages in the life of your little one where your child’s curiosity has no limits. From the age of 2, your children will start to ask questions about everything around. They want to know more and more and that’s why they will choose the question as a way to resolve their doubts. Look at them and forget some false stereotypes that tell us that adults have to know everything. Let us learn and do not be ashamed to ask. The more answers we have, the better we will be able to deal with our concerns and those of our children.

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