5 reasons why you should bring your kids to the countryside

People who has a hometown, has a treasure. A treasure that is even pricier when children come into your life. Having a place in a natural environment where children can run, play and jump away from traffic, pollution and the chaotic life that sometimes prevails in big cities, is an advantage.

What benefits do we find in going with babies and children to our hometown in the countryside? These are our five reasons, but there are many, many, more.

1. Contact with the environment

Little girl playing with a bunny on the grass

At your hometown, children have direct contact with nature. It is an environment full of possibilities to experiment and learn. You can’t learn everything in school nor in books. The best way to learn is to experience. Palpating the different barks of the trees, smelling the wild plants, picking up seasonal fruits… If you also have the possibility to see farm animals do not hesitate to meet them, it’ll be an unforgettable experience for your children.

2. The origin of Things

Two little girl feeding chickens

Having a hometown in the countryside gives us the possibility to teach our children the origin of many everyday things. If your hometown is known for agriculture or livestock, show your children where cereals comes from. Taking them to your table every morning is a long process that you can learn from the start. Show them how to make cheese and the origin of the milk. If your hometown is known for a special craftsmanship (shoes, leather goods, ceramics …), the children will love to see how all those things are made and consumed in their day-to-day life.

3. The Roots

Happy moments

When you go back to your hometown in the countryside, you feel part of a big family. In summer the hometown is usually filled with grandparents, uncles and cousins that you don’t see as much during the year. Let your children bond with the rest of the family.

4. A life without haste

Toddler spending time with grandfather in the park

Teach your children to live a stress-free life. In your hometown, the schedule of life is usually slow, and has nothing to do with the constant rush in cities. Life is not as rigid as in the city and you barely ever need to look at the clock. Kids can play a little longer time and you can lay down a little later in the evening to look at the stars.

5. Let’s go party

Joyful boy having fun while spinning on carousel.

Hometowns in summer are equal to traditional festivities. A world of parties, of children playing popular games, neighbourhood meals, sharing and, above all, lots of laughter. The meadows and squares of the village become the perfect scene for a crowded meal, a local gastronomic contest, games, or long-awaited summer concerts.

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