8 tips for traveling with kids this summer

It’s time to pack our bags and get ready for the trip. With the suitcase overflowing and the bag full of “just in case” things, it’s time to leave. It looks like everything is ready to get into the car and start the journey, but before arriving at our destination, how many times will we hear the fearsome phrase “are we there yet?”

The first thing we have to know if we are going to make a long trip, especially by car, is that children react differently according to their ages. It is not the same to travel with a baby, that will spend most of the trip asleep, than to do it with older children who get bored easily. In this case, in under an hour, your child will start asking “are we there yet?”

Here are some tips that will help you make the trip pleasant for everyone

Departure time

Baby sleeping in car safety seat while travelling

Whenever you can, try to start the trip in the early morning. Try to take the child to the car without waking him up, or without making any loud noise, so that he can immediately get back to sleep.

Plan the games

Before starting the trip, tell your son things about the place you are going and ask him about the games he would like to play while you are in the car. It can be simple ideas like riddles or tongue twisters. For the older children, we suggest you to play a game in which kids have to think on a story invented by scratch with imaginary characters.

You can also add a small bag with some toys to keep them entertained during the trip.

Music and Movies

Family car trip

Do not forget to add some of your favorite songs, so that you can sing during the trip and have fun. Another option is to bring movies to watch during the trip.

Food and drink

Before starting the trip prepare a small thermal bag with fresh water to be able to give the children from time to time. Add some food that calms them in case they start being hungry.

The “just in case” things

Travelling with kids. Cute toddler packing clothes and toys for holiday

In our list of “just in case” things, there are always wipes, tissues, plastic bags and a towel that will help us if our little one is dizzy on the way. Add another set of clothes and slippers that will be helpful if they have any little incident.

Comfortable clothes

Dress the children in comfortable clothes. We’ll spend several hours sitting in the car so the clothes have to be comfortable. For car trips you can choose to bring your little one barefoot, with socks or very light footwear.

Stop every two hours

Happy young couple buckling their baby in the car seat

Unless the child falls asleep in the car the recommendation is to make pit stops every two hours to get off and walk or run a little. A short break that is not only good for the kid, but also for you.

Safety first

In addition to these tips do not forget to use the appropriate safety systems for each age, according to weight and height, put the children in the right position to help them in the ups and downs of the car.

Now that you have everything ready, enjoy a happy family trip.

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