9 photo ideas to remember this summer forever

Take advantage of this summer vacation and organize a family photo shoot. Imagine all those pictures that will later help you remember the wonderful summer you are about to live. If you need some inspiration, don’t miss these 9 original ideas to take the best pictures of your summer break.

1. Take pictures with your Passports

Family waiting for departure at airport

If you are going to go abroad this summer, you can take a cheerful photo holding your passports. And you can repeat the picture when you get to your destination, showing the customs office stamp. Kids love this kind of pictures!

2. What is your destination?

Go on an adventure!

Take a family picture pointing on a map your vacation spot. If you want to make it more fun, you can also add distinctive elements from the place you are going to. For example, if you plan on traveling to Paris, you can take a fun photo pointing your destination on a map next to a copy of the Eiffel Tower while kids put a croissant as a moustache.

3. Next flight

Mother and little son at the airport

If you are traveling by plane or train, you have the possibility to take pictures while all of you are looking for your next flight or train in the screens of the terminal. This will be a nice reminder of how your vacation started.

4. Pictures with perspective


Whether your destination is the beach, the countryside or the city, take a family picture with perspective. If your vacation has cultural elements, take advantage of them and visit some monuments to take a photo with perspective, like the typical picture holding the Pisa Tower. At the countryside, you can replicate the same idea using trees or the mountains that you have around. Kids will love how these pictures come out and they’ll learn how to take them. At the beach, however, we recommend taking a picture where you are trying to catch your kids with a “giant beach bucket”.

5. Pictures underwater

Mother with child swim and dive underwater in sea pool

Make use of the possibilities of today’s technology and take pictures underwater. You can film the way you teach your child to swim and dive, or just make funny faces under the water as a happy memory of this blissful time.

6. Beach games

Happy family

Kids love playing, I know, this is not new. But which are the best beach games? One of the most entertaining one is looking for shells in the sand: it’s like nature’s scavenger hunt! Challenge the kids to find as much shells as they can. Take pictures of those games and then, bring those shells home.

7. Photos in the sand

Family burying father in sand

Besides traditional sandcastles, we recommend you taking a photo in which you let your kids bury you in the sand. Don’t miss their excitement while they do it.

8. Using a wheelbarrow

Toddler boy having fun in a wheelbarrow pushing by mum

If you are thinking on going to your hometown in the countryside, seize the opportunity and get a wheelbarrow to take funny pics. Organize a family wheelbarrow race and take pictures full of happiness. Another possibility is to take photos with your child inside it and full of farm products.

9. Take off your shoes!

Family lying on grass

You are in the countryside, take your shoes off and take pictures of your bare feet in the grass. Take a family picture of all your feet and laugh at who has the funniest looking feet. Try decorating your feet with a happy face or some flowers.

These are the pictures that will help you remember this summer vacation forever.

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