8 memories of your summer at the beach

Summer is the time to rest and enjoy with the family. The moments we spend with them are special, unique, and this are the ones don’t want to forget. This summer we are going to the beach, so charge your camera and your mobile phone and get ready to capture the 8 unique moments of your family that will make you remember this summer’s holidays.

1. The first time his little feet touch the sea

Baby doing his first steps on the beach

If it is the first time your baby goes to the beach, do not forget to capture the magic moment in which the sea caresses, for the first time, his little legs. It is a unique feeling that you have not experienced so far and that you will love to remember as your baby grows.

In case he has been on the beach before, capture the moment he dips into the sea again, especially if during the year you live far from the sea, because usually children are not that used to enjoying the beach. The happiness of seeing the waves again, jumping and playing around them is a special moment to keep.

2. Catching the waves!

Happy family run with fun along sunset beach surf

Once your child has adapted to the new summer place is when your little one will offer you the best opportunities to immortalize him. You can take photos while he is splashing in his small swimming pool, when he is trying to swim with his new float, or while he is enjoying the waves with the funny shark fin you bought for him this summer.

3. Sand games

baby girl touching and writing on a sand

No child can resist taking the bucket and shovel to play with the sand. Camera in hand, we will take pictures of that so-called “castle” that we have helped him to build, those sand figures created with molds or those delicious sand and seaweed dishes that he offers you as an appetizer (and of course, you can not refuse) . This year, you can turn him into a merman with a beautiful sand fish tail hiding their legs or let them bury you under the sand. Laughter is guaranteed.

4.More opportunities with the sand

little girl play with sand on beach

The sand has an irresistible attraction for children. Not only when it comes to building castles and figures. If for a moment you get distracted, it is quite possible that you see how your little one suddenly eats a handful of sand. It’s not dangerous, your child is exploring the world around him. Just wash his face and try to get all the sand you can from his mouth. Take it with humor, it is a moment that you can keep for the memory.

5. Flying kites

Children Playing a Kite on the Beach

Camera must be ready by the time you decide to teach your child how to fly a kite. The fact that he will be flying a kite up in the sky with his own little hands , for sure will put a smile in his face. The same smile that both of you will have when he grows up and you relieve this moment together.

6. Benefits of eating fruit

On beach asian and caucasian babies eat fruits fresh watermelons

In the post we wrote regarding the essential things that you have to take to the beach, we already told you to always have snacks like fruit in the beach bag. Watermelon is perfect because it is a fruit that kids usually like, it’s healthy and, above all, refreshing. But this tasty fruit besides feeding us, also create funny moments with the children. Do you remember his face trying to finish some watermelon slices? A perfect photo to remember the summer days.

7. Stains of happiness

Sweet little boy eating ice cream on the beach

What better place than the beach to enjoy some delicious ice cream. Scoops served in a cone that more than once have melted in our hands. That is one of the moments that you will remember about your perfect summer time. Images of children full of melted chocolate ice cream while eating an ice cream cone. Happy smudgy faces. Moments that remain forever.

8. Family photos

Although your little one is the main protagonist of these summer holidays, do not forget to take some family photos. We can take funny pictures with daddy, cute ones with mom, playing with his siblings and, of course, all together to remember our trip to the beach.

To avoid losing any of these magic moments, StepsLife is here to help you. With our easy app, you can have all the photos of your baby stored and ordered. With total privacy since only the ones who can access to your child’s time capsule are the people you allow. As simple as downloading it on your mobile phone and starting using it from the app itself or from your personal mail. With StepsLife you will never forget this summer at the beach.

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