Fun ideas to kick start your day with your kids

I’m sure, every mom or dad has had to deal with the phrase “I’m bored” during school holidays. What is the solution to that? Try to make every day something different, funny and unique. Always start the day in an original way, so you will hear your beautiful kids laughing as soon as the day begins. It’s much easier than you think. Take your notebook and pencil because we have some ideas for you to succeed this vacation.

Follow the clues

Toddler girl looking through magnifier

If you are thinking on giving some prizes to your kids like a tiny object, a book or some colored pencils, don’t do it the same way you always do. Let your imagination run free and hide the prize in some secret place where kids can’t find it easily. Let some written clues for the older ones and simple pictures for the little ones on how to find the prize. Let them find the secret treasure.

Special breakfast

Mother and daughter preparing food in kitchen

Turn your house into a hotel and prepare a big breakfast with your kids. First, make every family member choose a plate they would love to have and don’t usually do. Then, prepare dishes with fruits, cereals, toasts and some sweets. Everything is ready, now you just have to enjoy the breakfast and spend a great moment together.

Sing and dance

Children Bouncing On Bed

Have your child’s favorite song ready and wait for him/her to wake up. Once he/she opens his/her eyes press the Play. Start with a low volume until your child is completely active and then turn it up. This will give you and your child a rush of positive energy and laughs. There is not a better way to start the day!

Tales aren’t only for bed time

Hipster father with his princess daughters wearing red capes

Think on your child’s favorite tales, but not those which are for bed time. Once you have chosen a tale, try to perform it. Dress up as one of the main characters and, when they wake up, play that role and tell them the story while they are still on the bed. Describe every detail of the story. Your little ones will love building a little home theater! Ask them for help to perform other characters. While you are Little Red Riding Hood your child can be the courageous woodcutter that saves you from the wolf. The perfect game to start the day in a fun way.

Breakfast in bed

Happy family having breakfast on bed

As grown-ups, we love having breakfast in bed so, why kids wouldn’t like it? Prepare their favorite breakfast (use your imagination to decorate some pancakes and toasts) and bring it to their bed. It will be a very enjoyable and unique experience.

Traveling Alarm Clock

Globe and diaper girls

Choose a place you would like to travel with your kids and start the morning imagining you travel to that country without leaving home. Instead of the usual alarm clock, play a traditional song of that country, look for tales of that country and cook together a typical meal while you learn things of your dreamed destination. This will definitely help you make this morning different!

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