Summer hasn’t ended, there’s still time to have fun

Even if this particularly scorching summer is coming to an end, there’s still somethings we can do after school to survive the heat. There’s nothing better than being drenched in cool, refreshing water from head to toe when the sun beats down.

As the temperatures remain high and your kids get increasingly bored with the idea of going home and staying indoors, you could throw them a surprise by organizing a water fight. Of course, as with all other games that involve little kids, water fights need a few rules of safety to ensure that none of the children get hurt as they all go about having their share of fun. Read on for some tips to help you plan a safe and fun water fight after a school day.

Remember to throw in the rewards

Young Boy with Green Squirt Gun and Mischievous Grin

Water fights are one of those games where it’s fun to lose. But that doesn’t mean that there can’t be some rewards for everyone at the end! Include some cool treats and presents for different categories. For instance, you could give away some prizes for ‘the most drenched kid’, ‘the best team-player’, and even for ‘the kid who had the most fun’. Prizes like these build team spirit, and help take the focus away from being aggressive by encouraging kids to have more fun and develop a good, upbeat attitude instead. Ultimately, this makes the game more enjoyable and safe.

Let the kids know what is and isn’t allowed

Water fights should typically include several children, because it’s no fun when there are just a few kids involved. The downside to this is that it can get quite difficult to keep such a large group of children from getting carried away as the game progresses. So, before the game begins, sit the kids down for a second and let them know what is and is not acceptable water-fight behavior. For instance, you could make it clear to them that splashing water on people not involved in the game (like spectators or people who pass by) is a strict no-no, or that having multiple kids target one child from the opposite team could result in the water fight being concluded immediately.


Stick around to keep things in check

Since older kids generally tend to have an edge over the much younger ones, ensure that the children playing the game belong to almost the same age-group. Once this is done, you could divide them into teams and get the game going. Of course, it’s always wiser to stick around at a safe distance to make sure that the kids are having fun without crossing any boundaries. This way, you’ll be close enough to keep an eye on how the game progresses. Also, in case something happens, you can intervene and get things back in control before any of the kids get into trouble. It also helps if you let the kids know that you and a couple of other adults are around, because they can run over to ask for help if they need to.

When they’re done correctly, water fights can give your kids some of the best end of summer memories they’ll make. And the best part is, it’s easy to organize and safe to play. So, remember, summer hasn’t ended, there’s still time to have fun even if it’s after school! Now, you know just what to do for to have a great time!

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