Finish your summer with these 4 family plans

Summer vacation is almost over and it’s time to get back to school, homework and in a nutshell, your daily routine for next school year. Although returning to the routine is necessary and we may even appreciate it, it is very likely that our children will react with some sadness when they realize that the holidays have come to an end. 

But fortunately, we have weekends to make short breaks and plans that help us part with our daily routine. Any excuse is good for a special plan, and nothing better than finishing this fun summer with a nice field trip. Are you ready for a family plan? Take note, as we are suggesting different plans for you to do with your family:

1. Organize a picnic

Family picnic on the playground

Picnics are a great way to enjoy with you family. The weather is very pleasant at this time of year and is ideal to take advantage of the weekend. You do not have to go very far, avoid long trips by car. The best options are the parks in your city, preferably with swings for the children, nearby forests, countryside areas, lakes and swamps. Try to bring snacks, varied appetizers and lots of drinks. Your children will not stop playing and it is very possible that this leaves them tired and very thirsty.

2. Going to a botanical garden

Beautiful young boy holding the end of a wooden bench

One of the best plans we recommend you to do when a change of season happens is to go to a botanical garden. When autumn arrives, these places have a special atmosphere that make them fascinating. The leaves begin to fall, it’s not cold yet, and it is a very good time to enjoy nature.

3. Visit vineyards

Happy blond kid boy with ripe blue grapes

September is the month of harvest, another indicator that summer is coming to an end and autumn begins. Organizing an excursion to some vineyards is a different, interesting and very fun plan: you can walk the fields and enter the wineries to show your children what is the process that follows the grape harvest. The kids will love it!

4. Walk on the beach

Rear View Of Family Walking Along Beach With Picnic Basket

The beaches begin to empty out and they become the perfect place for walks and relaxation. Walk in the sand and grab some light jackets to protect you from the sea breeze, in case it gets chilly. The sunsets during this time are precious!

As you can see, even though the summer has almost come to an end, there is still all kind of plans, just make small breaks that help you part with the daily routine. Any excuse is good for a fun family plan! And remember, don’t forget to capture moments, since someday all these moments will become the jewels that best treasure the first years of your son’s life!

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