8 ideas to make back to school easier


It’s time to go back to our daily routines and start school. And we must be realistic, going back to school can be a big challenge for our children. As it happens with adults’ post-vacation syndrome, after 2 months without classes kids struggle to adapt to the new schedule and become the hardest challenge we face at home.

We suggest some tips for the children to be easier getting back to school.

1. The wake-up routine

little blond kid boy in colorful nightwear clothes sleeping

After two months not having a single schedule, going to bed late and getting up even later, the children have to make their biological clock adapt when classes begin again. The best thing to do is little by little, helping them get used to the new schedule. The only magic trick that works here is to go to bed a little earlier so that next morning they will be less sleepy.

2. Set rules

Summer is the time to break all the rules. Children don’t have school and are more likely to use all the electronic devices that they have at their fingertips. But when school starts again, we should begin to set schedules.

Do not do it as an imposition. It is better to have a family meeting to put all the basic guidelines together. A good way to start is to turn off the TV during meals or to limit the use the electronic devices.

3.Breakfast, lunches and snacks

Our children are back to school, and this fact usually brings us to a dilemma: what should we make for breakfast? and above all, what snacks should we give them? Our recommendation is to prepare a list together with your family, just including things you and your kids enjoy eating. Try to follow a healthy and balanced diet but from time to time, add small whims.

4. Watch the weight

The parent holds the hand of a small child

Be careful with the stuff your little ones carry in their backpack. Show them they should only carry on the things they’ll be using. Overloaded backpacks can cause back pain and discomfort both in childhood and later during adulthood.

5. New school

If this is your child’s first adventure in a school or he is moving to a new one, it’s important that both you and your child visit the place. It is a very simple way to help your child get to know the school and the environment he does not yet dominate. You can also make a small drawing of the building to help your little one familiarize with his new school.

6. The challenge of doing homework

If your school is one of those who give homework to the children help them get used to this routine. Start with short assignments in which they don’t have to spend more than 10 minutes. The important thing is to get used to comfortable and organized homework routine.

7. Full agendas

Just a little higher!

It is true that having a full agenda will allow your children to participate in extracurricular activities but remember, don’t overload them. Do not forget that they are children and they need time to play. The most important thing for them is to have fun.

8. On foot or by bike

If the school you have chosen for your children is close to your home, try walking or cycling. Avoid taking the car to make short trips. Even if it’s only a few minutes, kids will love the walk and will prevent them from becoming sedentary.

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