A perfect baby shower that no one will forget

There is always a good reason to celebrate, and more so if it’s a baby’s arrival. And there’s not a better way to celebrate it than organizing a baby shower. This parties, which are becoming more and more common, are celebrated shortly before the baby is born (approximately a month and a half before their due date), or even once the baby has already come into the world.

These celebrations have become a way of bringing together all the loved ones around the most beautiful news a woman can receive, the upcoming delivery of her baby.


Decorations, sweets, souvenirs, gifts and many photos will make your baby shower a unique moment that you will always remember and that, when your little one grows, you will be able to share. If you are thinking on organizing a baby shower, take a look on our tips for your baby shower to be a complete a success.

Color palette

Dessert table

Choose a color, or a combination of several ones and decorate everything, including the table of sweets, according to your choice. You can choose blue or pink to reflect the sex of the child or choose colors like white or earthy tones – which are always elegant and fashionable in this type of celebrations – or make a baby shower where pastel shades predominate.

The decoration in this type of parties does not have to be very complicated. A wreath with the baby’s name, balloons or pom-poms are enough to surprise your guests. Other original ideas for your party are to create a cloud with paper pompoms from which you can hang drops or create garlands with first-time baby clothes that you have already bought for your baby. Every idea is a fun idea!


Complete the candy table with some snacks, decorated cookies and a cake. Choose them in the same tones in which you have decorated the rest of the party.

In addition, you can add a very original touch by personalizing the sweets in the form of some children’s toy (a little train, a teddy’s bear face…), a baby garment or with his initials. You can also decorate the cake with some special objects that reminds you of when you were carrying your baby in your womb.

I believe he will love them.

And our last recommendation, create a photo-call or a cute space to take photos, where you and your guests can take as many snapshots as you like this day.

The baby shower is a very special moment that reminds you not only of your pregnancy, but of all those great moments you shared with you baby while he was on your tummy. Make as many pictures as you can to remember this magical moment and, after the party, upload them to Stepslife and create the best story in the world, your baby’s story. You will always have them in hand. Do you imagine the excitement of your child when he grows up and sees your baby shower’s pictures?

If you want to download Stepslife and start creating your story, just click here.

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