The essentials that a new born needs

Your baby’s arrival is approaching. It is a magical and special moment but it also involves many preparations. Not surprisingly, one of the most frequently asked questions among first time parents is what a new born need.

In any case, the important thing is to take it easy and avoid unnecessary expenses acquiring things that, perhaps, you won’t end up using. We want to help you in this task and for this we have made a list with the essentials that you must have for your baby’s arrival.

Baby’s first clothes

Close-up legs of a newborn baby

Buy basic clothes. Babies grow up fast and their first-time clothes will soon no longer fit. Have prepared onesies with front brackets (in order to change the diaper easier), pajamas, since at the beginning the baby will spend most of the time with these clothes, which are also very comfortable for the baby; socks and hats.

We recommend that all the clothes you use for your baby are made of cotton and that you also have a blanket or a scarf that you can use to wrap the baby in case it gets a little chilly.

The crib

Cute newborn baby in white bed

Think about the baby’s resting place. There are many possibilities in the market, from rooms designed for babies, to cribs, or even smaller cribs for the baby’s first months. It is true that smaller furniture looks very nice in the newborn’s room. However, and despite being expensive furniture, they are used for a short time due to their small dimensions. If you want to save on baby furniture think of a normal crib or one that can then become a mini bed for your child’s early years.

Bathtub for baby

Newborn bathing

To clean the baby, it is important that you have an adapted bath. Using the bathtub for the first few months or even the sinks can get complicated because the baby might end up sliding through your arms. It is important that the baby does not have too much frees space in the bathtub, so this way it is easier to handle, specially in their first baths.

One option that many parents use is to add the bathtub to the baby’s changing table where they can dress and have all their hygiene products on hand. If you want to see all the types that exist just click here.

Hygiene products

When cleaning your baby make sure you choose cleaning natural products that are suitable for your baby’s delicate skin. Make sure you apply it with a sponge made of natural fibers that is not to0 rough for your baby’s skin, or simple using your hand.

After bathing, do not forget to protect his skin with oils, lotions or creams suitable for his skin. You have to take special care when choosing a specific cream to treat the redness and irritation caused by the diaper.

Breast pumps

Mother holds her baby head while he is breastfed

The best food you can give your baby is free and you carry it with you everywhere: breast milk. However, for those times when you are not going to be with your baby or to store the excess milk you may have, it is good to have a breast pump although you can also do the extraction naturally. You can find different manual or electric models, with greater suction and speed.

Baby bottles

To supplement the feeding, whenever you cannot breastfeed, get yourself some bottles. Choose models suitable for the baby’s age and different types of suction. You can also choose between different teats depending your child’s taste. It is advisable, in case of a colic, to buy bottles with a specific valve to prevent children from swallowing air.

Baby stroller

happy mother with stroller in park

To choose the cart, do not forget to take into account the size and weight (both open and folded), comfort in driving and ease when opening and closing.
Consider that, on many occasions, you will have to do the maneuver to fold or extend the car alone and with the baby in one hand. For this reason, the opening system is fundamental when choosing a comfortable cart. Add easily removable covers and materials that are resistant to water and stains.

Baby carrier or backpack

One of the most comfortable systems to carry your baby are baby carrier scarfs or backpacks. In both cases, choose a product suitable for the child, which is ergonomic and where their position is correct.

Car safety seats

It is fundamental that you never climb your car without being properly protected with an approved car seat. For infants, the seats should be group 0 or 0+ and, it has been proved, that the best car seat are the rear-facing car seats given that in case of having an incident the baby is more protected.

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