How to keep your children’s room tidy

Surely before being a mom, you once thought it was not so difficult to keep order in the children’s room. But, and now, do you still think the same after having your baby?

Children have so many things that it is sometimes difficult to keep order: toys, clothes, stories … They want to have everything at hand and entertain themselves with a multitude of objects at the same time. To try to keep the children’s room in order we propose some ideas that will help you have collected the things of the children.

Storage Modules

Bags for toys

One method to keep order in the children’s room is to have baskets, boxes and modules with drawers where children can pick up their things without having to resort to an adult. It is important that all storage elements are at their height, have a simple opening (attention to the systems that can cause fingers to catch) and that no caps and locks should be forced.

Avoid high shelves

The high shelves are very nice in the decoration of the children’s room but they are impractical when we talk about having the room sorted. The height at which the shelves are found makes it impossible for children to put their books or toys on their own. If you have high shelves you resign yourself to being the one who has to keep order, or to have the objects in them as an exhibition.

Divisions in drawers


Another handicap is to prevent children from putting everything in the drawers without order or concert. A very simple way to teach them to keep their things tidy is with compartments or separations in the drawers. You can choose to buy separators or make them yourself with cardboard boxes and tubes of recycled paper. A simple way to have the drawer in order and know where to locate small objects.

Multipurpose furniture

Infant baby room

An alternative to rooms that need storage is to buy furniture to which you can give various uses. A very useful option are the trundle beds that have a large storage space in the lower part. You can also use trunks to put under the window and, with some cushions, convert into seats.

Coat racks and hangers

Most cabinets are too large for children to use in the early years. That is why it is interesting that you put up a coat rack or hanger where they can leave their backpack, coat, jacket or school clothes and so learn to keep their clothes in order. Show them, little by little where they have to organize their clothes and, after the laundry, make the children put their things in the drawers, as if it were a game. Give them time to check that the garments are in order. All learning requires effort.

Space for art

Happy brother and sister drawing with markers

If your children love to make hundreds of different drawings to fill their free afternoons creates in their room an area to hang them all. This way you will make the drawings in order and in sight. You can punch them in a cork, have them stored in folders that you can expose on the wall, hang them on hangers … The alternatives are many and fun to also complete the decoration of the children’s room.


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