Fun home games you can play with your kids

Entertaining the kids at home can be easy and fun. We do not need expensive or sophisticated toys to enjoy some time with them. Quite the opposite. We can have a great time with our family creating our own games with simple materials that we have at home and then having a blast with them.

In order for you to have plenty ideas, we propose five simple games to make with recycled materials. A list where you will find proposals for all ages, from babies to older children. Fun for everyone.

Sensory box of colors

Sensory boxes are a good way to play and stimulate babies. These proposals are simple and quick to create with everyday elements that you have in hand. In addition, you can make as many boxes or baskets as you can imagine. You can group them by colors (like this one that we propose), by objects of different sizes, textures, units to enhance the mathematical game, seasons of the year … A whole world of possibilities.

To make this sensory box you need a container (box or basket) and orange items. In this case our basket has mandarins, a carrot, a bottle of orange soda, a handkerchief and different pieces and toys of the same color. Avoid small items that a child can easily swallow. Also, if you put food in your sensory boxes, keep in mind to check before to make sure the child is not allergic to any of its components.

Source: theimaginationtree

Skills with sticks

This is a game made with very simple materials. You need a toilet paper cardboard roll (always keep some in the house because they are a fundamental base for creating crafts with children), a hole punch, straws and a few mini pom-poms. Start by handing out paint colors to the children and let them decorate the paper roll as they like. Then drill the paper roll with the hole punch. Make holes that have inlet and outlet so that the straw can penetrate the inside of the tube. To finish make a small door in the bottom of the roll so that the falling mini pom-poms go outside without difficulty. Place the straws and fill the top of small pom-poms or balls.

The game consists of removing, one by one, the straws. As we remove the straws, the balls they will fall down the tube. Each player will accumulate the balls that fall with each sticks’ removal. The one who, at the end of the game, has less will win.

juegos-caseros-para-nic3b1os-con-pajitasSource: babbledabbledo

Memory games

Creativity to power. With this game, in addition to boosting the memory and concentration of the children, you have the opportunity to let your imagination fly and develop the creativity of your children. In addition, it has the advantage that it can be adapted to the different stages of growth of the child.

To make this game you need cardboard, scissors and paints. Mark circles on the cardboard (you can use a glass or a round cookie cutter) and cut them. Put them in pairs and let the children create drawings. They will have to make two equal drawings on each occasion. For the little ones, you can start by making simple shapes with colors. You can continue with geometric figures, letters, numbers and continue with more complex drawings. This way you can make the game grow with your children.


Source: littlehelsinki


Promoting logic and spatial location is as simple as creating this game. You only need to create a few examples in different papers of buildings using shapes that match those of construction blocks. You can even play in pairs and the winner will be the one who builds more buildings in less time.


Fuente: soldaeira

Target game

A roll of cardboard, glue and a few paper plates is what you need to create this aiming game that will delight the children. Creating it is as simple as gluing the paper tube to one of the plates. Once it is properly fixed you can paint it any color you want.

The other element that you need for this game of marksmanship are more cardboard plates, better if they are of bright colors. You only have to carefully cut the inner part of the plate until leaving the outer ring. You already have everything ready to throw the rings and try, with a lot of aim and skill, to put them inside the base that you have created.


Source: designdazzle

Do you have any home games you like to do with your children? Tell us about it and we will add it to our list.

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