Best costumes for your baby’s first Halloween

There’s little time left before Halloween, and you still don’t have your baby’s costume ready? Don’t worry, we have just the solution!

Even though your little one may not have any clue about what Halloween is, his/her first costume is something that you’d probably want to remember forever. From baby animals to cute, magical characters, we’ve tried to round up the most adorable costumes for your baby’s first Halloween celebration. Let’s get on with it!

Who is the cutest kitten?


Some may say black cats bring bad luck. But we’re sure this won’t be the case when we see this cute little girl in her black kitten costume. It is a very simple, yet fashionable costume that you can set up in just a few minutes. You will need a pair of black tights and a t-shirt.

Add a tulle tutu of the same color, which you can buy at a store or make yourself (using knots). Glue a few strands of black hair onto the sleeves of the shirt. Use the same material as the tutu to create the tail for your little kitten, and also to make rounded two ears that you can attach to a black headband. Finally, use a little eye pencil to paint your kid’s snout and moustache; your baby is surely going be the black cat that brings good fortune on this special Halloween night.

Baby bat


We do not know if this “baby bat” would want to suck the blood of its prey, but we would certainly like to smother him with kisses. To make the perfect bat costume, all you need is a black, long-sleeved top and, if possible, leggings of the same color. The pointy wings are shaped using black felt, to which you could add some detail using a white marker. Use a black bonnet to glue the ears to the head, and the costume is complete!

Trick or ghost!


This lovely costume is something you can explore without much effort. All you need is a white t-shirt on which you can paint the smile and eyes depicting a ghost. If it’s for your boy, complete the costume with white pants, and if it’s for your little girl, you could choose white leotards or leggings, with a tulle skirt on top. The result is going to be a nice, young couple ready to give the neighborhood some terrible scares.

Little Mummy costume


One of the simplest and quickest costumes you can design for your kid on Halloween is The Mummy. Choose a sweater, white pants and white sneakers. Just take an old, white sheet, cut it into strips, wrap it around your child, and the costume is ready! We have no doubt that your child will be the cutest-looking mummy in the entire neighbourhood!

The sweetest candy machine


One of the most incredible and easy costumes you can make for your baby is the Candy Machine. Put a little sign on the shirt with the price for candy. The perfect complement to this costume is a bonnet embedded with colorful pom-poms. You could either buy it or make it yourself by winding wool on a fork and sewing all the balls to an old cap you might have at home. Your baby is bound to steal the spotlight with this adorable outfit!

Baby biker


If you want your little one to sport the “toughest-on-the-road” look, this is the costume you’re looking for. Pick a pair of jeans, and cut the sleeves of one of his/her shirts. Draw a small tattoo on his arm, paint a beard and moustache, and finish the look by adding a cool bandana to make sure your little one is branded as the toughest biker on the freeway.

Little trolls


Turn your little ones into magical trolls this Halloween. One of the key parts of this costume is getting that characteristic hairdo for these characters. Buy a natural, colorful dye-spray and paint your little one’s hair with a fun tone. Using lacquer, shape the hair to represent a cone. Finally, use flesh-colored t-shirts and skirts or pants to complete the outfit, and watch the little trolls set off on their Halloween journey!

Cute scarecrow


An orange tulle skirt serves as a base for this adorable scarecrow costume. You can also to do it yourself by tying various kinds of knots, and adding different shades of the same color to make the contrast even more striking. Sew a brown strip so she can tie the dress to her neck. The ideal complement will be an old hat.

Baby spaghetti


This is one of the cutest things ever! With his spaghetti and meatballs costume, everyone will want to have a bite at the little spaghetti monster. It’s as easy as sewing strips of very thick wool around the neck, and around a bonnet to cover the head. Add several brown pom-poms, and place your little one in a tub to make for the ideal, picturesque Halloween meal.

Granny babies


Some kids grow up too soon, they say. Pick a little dress, a cardigan, a pair of rimmed-glasses, and a wig made of pom-poms to make this costume perfect for the little ones (or should we say granny babies?)!


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