6 photos that shouldn´t be missing from your family’s autumn album

Autumn is here, the perfect season to make small family getaways and enjoy nature. And simple family activities can lead to magical moments that you will always remember.

For those moments, you never want to forget, we propose you 6 ideas to take the best autumn pictures that you should not be missing from your family album.

1. Rain of leaves

Little girl playing in autumn park with golden maple leaves

A park, your own yard or the forest. Any natural environment allows us to take a fun family picture by throwing leaves to the sky and letting them fall on our heads. Another modality of this photo idea is to make it with a transparent umbrella on which the leaves rain. This is an autumn photo that you can’t miss. In addition, children will love to throw them around and enjoy playing with leaves.

2. Jump in the puddles

Happy family wearing rain boots jumping into a mountain river

Take advantage of the autumn rains to have a fun family photo shoot. Emulate Peppa Pig’s family and jump together in the puddles. You won’t only get fun pics, but also a nice family moment full of laughter. Splashing is one of the kid’s favorite activities and always brings a sweet smile on everybody’s face.

3. Gathering Fall Fruits

Little toddler boy picking red apples in orchard

Your orchard during the leaf fall can be a fantastic placement for your photos. If you are fond of going out to the countryside or have a small garden you can enjoy a pleasant day picking chestnuts (beware of the little skewers) quinces or grenades. It is a fun activity with which you can show the children how nature changes according to the season and a perfect chance to take some family photos.

You can also pick apples with your children. Fill a forklift with autumn fruits and put your children in it. You will have the perfect family picture!

4. Vintage images

Adorable baby girl and her brother playing in vine yard

Autumn is the right season to take vintage photographs; so we propose you to make some fun snapshots during the picking and, of course, the grape-stomping. The result will be images that you will never forget with the children cutting through the vines or stepping over the fruit in big wooden tanks.

5. Roasting chestnuts


If we talk about one of the most typical activities that you can’t miss is roasting some chestnuts with the family. A sweet snack to which you can also include pumpkin and sweet potatoes. You can also immortalize the moment while buying some roasted chestnuts in the typical corner stall in the streets. You will always remember your children’s faces enjoying them.

6. Homemade Fun

Warming and relaxing near fireplace.

We love homemade snacks, and more if they become a family activity. Imagine this scenario: A simple autumn afternoon , with the rain , having a hot chocolate with the whole family feeling warm with some woolen socks on. We are more than sure that you can make fun pictures of your family wearing comfy socks, chocolate mustaches that makes us want to kiss them and empty hot chocolates cups.

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