Get fit with your baby

Playing sports not only helps keep the body in shape, but it also helps us to free ourselves from daily life stress. That is why it is recommended to exercise during pregnancy and, once the baby is born, exercise progressively and under medical control to maintain a routine. However, exercising during the first year of your baby’s life is not always easy.

The best way to combine a healthy lifestyle and taking care for your little one is to exercise with your baby. For you to have some options, we propose three exercises that you can do without having to separate yourself from your little one.

Running with babies

active mother jogging

Running has become a trend that increasingly has more followers. And within them there are more and more mothers and fathers who go out running with their children in special trolleys for running. Do not do it with any cart, but with a special one that ensures that the child is comfortable and safe.

The keys to know which cart is the right one to go for a run are simple:

• Choose a model that has a triangular structure, with a bi-directional front wheel and two rear wheels.
• Look for trolleys that have large wheels that guarantee greater safety and adequate suspension.
• Baby carriages for running have to have a unique handlebar, which you can hold on to firmly with one hand for your comfort.
• Do not forget your baby’s safety. Check that the car has a safety belt with several anchoring points.


Mother with child boy doing fitness exercises

Pilates is another way to stay in shape and you can do it with your baby. In this case, in addition to the benefits it has for the mother, the child participates in exercises that stimulate their development and favor their first moves.

The practice of Pilates with your child will bring you many benefits, including the improvement of body posture, which is very necessary after the overweight of pregnancy, the amount of hours you spend with your child in arms and the positions, sometimes not very appropriate, that we have in the period of lactation. In addition, Pilates will help you tone your abdomen and work your pelvic floor area with exercises that reinforce it and also prevent urinary incontinence.

Yoga with the baby

Young smiling yogi mother and her baby daughter exercising toget

Yoga is a progressive exercise that will shape your body while helping you relax from daily tensions. You can start doing yoga with your baby between the sixth and the tenth week after delivery, as directed by your doctor.

The practice of yoga with your baby usually begins with a few simple massage exercises for children to relax. Then begins the routine of the asanas (the different yoga postures) focused on the pelvic floor and the abdomen. The kids are usually in the room lying on the mat, while the mothers make the different positions, or sometimes kids play a more active role, as there are some positions where the mothers take the children in their arms and perform the position with the child. Time to start the exercise and connect with yourself and your baby.


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