7 things that change in your life after having a child

The biggest change any couple can experience is the arrival of a baby. You kind of know that nothing will be the same, but you cannot imagine the amount of changes you face from the moment you have your baby in your arms.

Wonderful changes that will transform your life into something completely different and unique. There are so many that we could not list them all and that’s why we’ll try to choose the 7 that transform the most the life of a new family.

1. Love without limits

Mother and baby

Discover the new capacity of love, a capacity that you never imagined before. As a result of getting pregnant, you discover that love is something unlimited when it comes to your baby, even when you haven’t seen her face.

2. The strength of motherhood

Once you are a mother, there will be an unusual and powerful force for everything that concerns your baby. Such a strength that you will defend your baby with nails and teeth if necessary against any adversity. A strength that allows you to go through sleepless nights to care for your child. A strength to face your new role as a mother.

3. Resistance to fatigue


Never before would you have thought that you were so resistant to fatigue. Nights without sleep, work that doubles with the arrival of the baby, hours of lactation, pains and crying. And you will still be there, standing close and vigilant to the slightest sound he makes.

4. The little things

You will discover small things that you previously overlooked and that now constitute a source of pleasure. A cup of coffee or tea in the morning in silence while everyone is asleep, a hot bath, a little more time in bed …

5. Priorities

Closeup of mother holding daughter

The first thing that changes with the arrival of a baby is the way of prioritizing. You put yourself second to focus all your attention to your little one. Your baby becomes the most important person in your life.

6. Empathy with childhood

Motherhood creates a special bond, and not only with your child, but with all children. No mother can stand to see children suffer, even if they are not your own or they come from unknown and faraway places.

7. Understanding your parents


Although the affection and admiration towards your parents has always been present, motherhood leads you to understand them and admire them much more since you understand the love, effort and work that they have dedicated to turn you into the mother that you are today.

These are only seven points among the many changes you will experience in your new role as a mother. To all these emotional variations we must add the inevitable physical changes and those that involve incorporating a baby in your daily routine.

Enjoy the most special moment in your life!

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