Fun, creative ways to announce that you’re pregnant!

From the moment the test is positive, something comes over you and you have to hold your hand over your mouth because you can’t believe that you are soon becoming a mother.

And it is quite possible that you are invaded by happiness but also by uncertainty. Questions like, how will the pregnancy be like? Will be a boy or a girl? But we would say that the first thing that comes to your mind is how to tell the whole world you’re expecting.

There are many ways to announce you are pregnant. We are those who believe that a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s why we give you 8 options on how to tell your family that you are expecting with a picture.

The first picture of your baby

Pregnant Woman With Ultrasound Photo

A picture is a powerful way of explaining everything without saying any word. And there is no better way to tell everyone that you are pregnant than by showing the first image of your baby’s ultrasound.

Positive pregnancy test

If emotion does not let you wait until you have the first ultrasound in your hands, you can also announce your motherhood with a nice photo in which you show the desired positive pregnancy test.

1 + 1 = 3

Mathematics sometimes fail, like when we expect a baby. In these cases the sum of 1 + 1 can give us 3, 4 or even more. A simple and original way to tell everyone that you are expecting. You can do it with a blackboard on which you can write the operation or by placing pictures from the father and the mother as part of the equation.

Show your baby bump


Proudly show your belly in an image in which you can be accompanied by your children or the future dad (although it may be the case that the father has bigger belly than the pregnant mother). It will be a tender and fun image that you will always remember and that you will be able to show your baby when he is older thanks to StepsLife.

Baby booties / Happy feet


One way to announce that you are going to have a baby is with a photograph where the protagonist are some baby booties. You can buy your first booties and place them on your tummy, take a picture of you two where you are holding the shoes or simply put them on the floor between you two.

Eldest brother

Make your kids be the protagonists of the great news. This way, you will share with them the family joy. You can announce the arrival of the little new member by creating shirts for your children that say “big brother”.

Photo with message

We're Pregnant! Written in beach sand

Write on the beach sand that you are expecting a baby and take a snapshot of the moment. The environment can also be used to tell the world that you are pregnant by writing with shells or any other natural element that you have around. This type of photographs can also be taken in the field creating the message with wild fruits, fallen leaves or sticks.

Written on a blackboard

Pregnant woman holds baby on board colored text over belly

Among the alternatives that you can also use is showing your tummy while holding a blackboard on which you have written the good news. Let your imagination fly and put an original message. Another fun idea is to place a baby sticker on board on your belly.

There are million ways of doing it, choose the one that better fits you and announce these happy news!


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