5 photos to try and capture during your baby’s first week of life

As a parent, it’s natural to want to capture every little detail of your child’s life – from the first tilt of the head to each little yawn waiting to escape that tiny mouth. The first week of a baby’s life is especially significant, as it is replete with a number of firsts – the first nap, the first bath, and even the first tears. Here are five photos in a baby’s first week that absolutely need to be taken.

The first time the parents lay eyes on the baby

The first time the mother holds the tiny bundle swathed in blankets and the first time the father sees his little boy or girl is always a beautiful image to keep going back to. Babies change quickly and that first contact is the foundation of everything that follows – you can make sure you capture it by asking a nurse or a family member to help take the photos.

Pictures of the napping infant

Since infants spend most of their first week napping, this is probably the easiest photo to capture. However, as most parents go on to discover, there can never be enough snapshots of their kids taking a snooze; with every new nap comes a new level of cuteness. So it’s always best to capture as many photos of the new kid’s naptime as possible; in a different light and at different times of day for different colors and different tones in the picture.

Macro shots of the micro fingers and toes

Close-up legs of a newborn baby

It’s next to impossible to look at the itsy-bitsy fingers and toes of a newborn and not fall in love. And these are features that need to be caught on film as quickly as possible, because they change with each passing day. Details such as the earlobes, the chubby knees, and the hair on the baby’s head are shots that capture the tiny, tactile memories of early parenthood.

Shots when the baby is awake

As adorable as photos of the baby sleeping are, shots of the kid wide awake are equally (if not more) captivating. Any parent who has tried to record these moments knows well enough that they are hard to capture. However, it’s worth noting that since the eyes change quickly in appearance as babies grow, photos taken when the little one is awake are wonderful as a catalogue of changes. Try the burst setting on your camera to make it more likely that you’ll capture a photo that captures the reality!

Funny faces never go out of style

If there’s one thing that there’s never going to be a lack of over the course of the first week of a baby’s life, it’s the staggeringly large number of different expressions that flit across an infant’s face. Everything around them, from the first draft of cool air to the first time they hear various sounds, triggers some kind of reaction (like eyes that open wide in wonder, or a tongue that cutely pops out of the kid’s mouth). Capture them now; enjoy them later!

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