Simple recipes kids can be part of

Cooking isn’t just for adults: as well as being a fun and creative activity for the whole family, learning to cook can help kids to be responsible and confident, and teaches them to take care of themselves. And cooking together can be great fun – while you’re preparing more complex dishes, kids can be right alongside you, helping bring together a meal for everyone in the family. There are a number of dishes that kids can help out with or even learn to whip up in a matter of a few minutes, and here are some popular favorites:

Vegetable and fruit salads

This one is perhaps the most obvious option. With very little cooking involved, salads are a great place to start. Initially, parents could dice the vegetables or fruits, and pass on the task of mixing them up with the little ones. And with time, once they master the art of blending the pieces and seasoning it right, the kids can try their hand at cutting up the vegetables too. Pretty soon, they’ll be experts at preparing salads themselves. The best part about teaching kids to make salads is that down the line, they can experiment with different combinations of ingredients, and prepare the ones that appeal the most to them. And yes, salads barely take fifteen minutes to make, and they’re healthy too!

Sandwiches and fresh juice

Aside from salads, breakfast recipes are perhaps the easiest to accomplish. And what’s better to start at than a simple, delicious sandwich accompanied by some equally easy-to-prepare (and equally lip-smacking) freshly squeezed juice? Here too, kids can begin with the simplest versions of sandwiches; they could start off with freshly cut tomatoes or readymade cheese slices sandwiched between two slices of bread. And, in the beginning, it is advisable for parents to prepare the juice, with the kids helping out. Once they get the hang of it, children could progress along to preparing toasts as well.


Once the kids have gotten the hang of the easy recipes like salads and sandwiches, it’s time to move on to another staple favorite – cookies! For the first few attempts, the kids can help out with mixing the ingredients (flour, sugar, a lightly beaten egg, milk, and some melted butter) to form the batter. Eventually, they can move on to making the shapes which will probably be a mess but always fun. And once this milestone is crossed, the children would have learned a recipe for life.

While these are only three among a huge number of easy and delicious recipes that kids can master, they are perhaps the most common places to start at. Once the little ones have gained expertise over these uncomplicated recipes, the other big recipes like pasta, desserts, and lasagnas are only a hop, skip, and jump away.