Best Christmas photo ideas for your Family


Christmas brings a whole lot of joy. Wherever we look, there are magical moments that we do not want to miss, nor forget. To remember these beautiful moments, we suggest you immortalize them through funny pictures that you can store and organize on StepsLife, and thus start building a time capsule for your baby.

Do not let them forget their childish Christmases, these are memories that they will forever carry in their hearts.

To make these Christmas memories even more special, we give you seven ideas to take original pictures with the little ones during these holidays.

Christmas with your pet

Christmas baby and Santa puppy

Do you have a pet at home? Pretty sure you’d love to see how well your child gets along with your pet, as they get together and play for hours. Now is the time to take a funny picture of them while they get ready for Christmas. You can make them wear amusing Santa Claus hats while they play or sleep together. Another possibility is to dress your child in a Santa Claus costume, while you also deck your pet with a red nose and reindeer horns to make it look like Rudolf. You will have the cutest pair of Christmas pals as a result.


Baby in deer hat

Pretty sure your baby loves to play hide and seek? Make him/her play around inside a large gift box and when they show you their little face, seize the moment to take the picture. Their smile will light everything up and will make for a wonderful, memory during these special holidays.

Little snowman

Newborn Baby Boy with Snowman Hat and Plush Toy

An original Christmas picture would be to dress your baby up as a snowman. All you’ve got to do is use white clothes on which you can stick or sew felt-like coloured circles to act as the buttons of a real snowman. Do not forget to cover his/her head with a white hat on top of which you can also put a top-hat. For the tiniest ones, you can also dress them up in a single crochet hat with a snowman’s face. Complete the picture by dressing your baby in a woollen scarf. It will remain an indelible memory for the whole family.

Young drivers

little kid near christmas tree

If your kid has a minicar, use it to create a fun Christmas atmosphere. Our proposal is to put the Christmas tree in the rear of the minicar and take some funny pictures of your baby driver on their way home. Another option would be to place a small tree on top of the car and attach it to a rustic rope. The output will be very original!

Around the Christmas tree

One of the pictures that cannot be forgotten among Christmas memories is the one with your kids setting the tree up. Decorating the Christmas tree is a very special moment to share with the family. Furthermore, having a recurring file of photos of these pictures year after year will give you a unique perspective on how your kids are growing up. You can even take the same picture every year and after a while, create a montage showing how your baby has grown up.

Baking for the family

happy family mother and children  bake cookies for Christmas

Take advantage of your days off to bake funny Christmas cookies. Sharing a time in the kitchen is a fantastic opportunity to take pictures that you will remember with the delicious aroma of homemade cookies.

Unwrapping gifts in family

Family making ginger bread house under Christmas tree

The time for gifts has arrived and a family picture cannot be missing. Catching the surprised look on your kids’ faces when discovering what is inside the boxes is as important as having all of the family members on the picture. It is that time where parents must also be present in these memories. Put the camera on a tripod and set it to auto-shoot mode. You must also be part of your kids’ important moments.

Finally, remember that most of all, enjoying these unique moments is the most important thing.

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