Six Christmas decorations that you can make with your kids


The time to set your home ready for Christmas has arrived. Get ready to take out all your boxes with the Christmas balls, the tree and to set the Christmas manger up as days go by.

At StepsLife, we would like to propose some ideas to have fun while decorating your house for the incoming festivities because, not only will you enjoy the magic of Christmas, but you will also live the most fun moments while making artful items with your little ones.

1. A greeting card with fingerprints


A perfect way to involve the youngest members of the household is to create endearing greeting cards with their fingerprints.
You can smear some brown paint on their chubby thumbs to create fingerprints that can be transformed into friendly reindeers with a little bit of imagination. Another option is to draw the reindeers with your baby’s footprints.

2. Garland with clothespins


It is as simple as reusing clothespins. You can use the green plastic or wooden pins and paint them with different shades of green. You could also form a wire hanger to a round shape. From there, you will just have to hang all the clothespins on it until you’re left with a nice garland that you can use to decorate the entrance of your house.

3. Creating reindeers using nuts


A few nuts and a little bit of brown felt is enough to create these funny Christmas ornaments shaped as a reindeer. Place a ribbon to hang it from the tree and stick an antler made with cut-out felt. The final touch can be given by a snout made with a small pompom (be careful when using these types of materials so the kids do not put them in their mouths).

4. Christmas Fir Trees


If you have recently been to the countryside, you probably have at home some pine cones picked up by the kids. Paint them in green (spray paint is the easiest way) to create Christmas trees. You can decorate them with a little bit of white paint and some coloured pompoms as replacements for the decorating balls of your fir tree.

5. Making craft using wood sticks


Ice cream sticks are great material for making craft with your kids. From them, you can create a decorative Christmas tree, which in addition, can turn into an original gift for your guests.

6. Making penguins with plates and plugs


Reuse plates and bottlecaps to make interesting ornaments shaped like a penguin. You just need to stick two plates and put a piece of tape to hang it from one of them. Your children’s drawings will do the rest. Another possibility is to join three plates together and create a simple snowman out of them.

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