For a 2018 marked by good resolutions


As the new year approaches, with it come the endless lists of positive resolutions that you expect to achieve. With that being said, the resolutions that both dads and mums must commit the most with are the ones regarding their children.

In this article, we offer you five resolutions that mums from the StepsLife team have embedded in a letter to their little kids:

My Little Sweetheart,

An entire year has passed, and I am now beginning to realize how much you have learned. It has been a special year packed with new experiences, emotions and shared challenges, during which we grew together. I have so many great memories from this year; stories and moments that will stay with you as they forever remain in your time-capsule, which also continues to grow, with us.

It is now time to look ahead to face 2018: a year full of good intentions, and one that marks you as the protagonist.

Letting you grow


You will always be my baby. It is tough watching you grow each day, and realizing that at some point, you may not need me by your side anymore. But my task for now is to let you grow and encourage your independence so that when the time comes, you’re able to stand on your own two feet.

Walking in your shoes

It is not always easy to keep my adult mentality and instincts at bay, but this year, one of my resolutions will be to really try and see the world through your eyes. Sometimes, I find it hard to understand your problems, but I will try to share your worries as much as I do your laughs and hopes. And that’s one of the best things about motherhood: the opportunity to relive your own childhood through your children.

Make you love yourself as I love you

Mother and daughter at home

You, my little one, are special. You are a unique and wonderful person, and that is why you need to learn to love yourself as much as I love you. We all have limitations, face difficulties and make mistakes, but we must learn to accept them, take them into our stride, and be happier with others, as well as with ourselves. My duty as your mother is to help you gain confidence, become self-sufficient, and help you learn to step forward without fearing what others might say.


I want to dedicate time to you. Something that is apparently quite easy to do, yet seems so difficult at the same time. It is time to have fun, to laugh, play, snack on our favourite cake together, and watch those cartoons on the television with a blanket wrapped around us. It’s time for us, and those special moments that we will never forget.

Learning from you

You may think that adults know everything, but it sure isn’t like that. We have so much to learn from you, children. I want to express the same excitement as you, even with the little things. Which is why this year, I want to rediscover being happy simply by drawing, flying a kite or watching one fly, or enjoying a surprise hug when you sneak into my bed at night.

These are few of the resolutions I would like to fulfil this next year, starting today. And if I do, this year is going to be an unforgettable one, by your side.

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