Safety is most important

The birth, that first smile, those first steps, that babbling… these are very special moments that we love sharing with those closest to us. But have you thought about how your child would feel if, when they grew up, they discovered that their whole life was publicly exposed on social media?

As parents, we love sharing the most special moments of our children with people we want to share with. However, before doing it on social media, we must stop to think if our children would’ve liked for us to have exposed their lives to everybody, without their permission. You couldn’t tell if, when they’d grown up, they’d liked us to have shared their lives publicly.

And that was the case with a 16-year-old boy from Italy, who went to court to get his mother to stop publishing his personal or family information. His resulting social uneasiness got the best of him, so he even asked to transfer his education abroad, just to get away from an environment where all his classmates were aware of his life.

Also, don’t forget that when we publish a photo, it is not under our control, which could be dangerous for our children.

Cute pupils using mobile phone

StepsLife, your private time capsule

For that, the best way to save those memories and share them exclusively with the people you choose, with the people you care about, is by signing up to StepsLife, your baby’s time-capsule.

At StepsLife you are the sole owner of the private memories you store. Only parents (and their children, once they have matured) can view all content. The children may receive content from the people they invite (grandparents, uncles, godparents, close friends, etc.), and can manage it and download it to their mobiles, tablets or computers. Other guests can send messages and view profiles, but cannot access the content limited to the parents (administrators) of the time capsule.

The safety of your children’s history is our priority. We’re parents too, and we want the best for our children without having others use the spirit of our memories of those we love the most. That’s why we guard all content you upload to your time capsule very securely. Nobody without previous invitation can partake in sharing their moments with your kids. Our kids come first and their safety is our priority.

Ordinary kids sitting with mobile devices

Being part of the StepsLife family is simple. Download the app or register on our website to access a free plan that offers you unlimited messages and 1 GB storage space. As easily as we upload your best stories, we store them safely and classify them by date and age so you can locate them in the easiest way to, say, relive those moments during his first party in kindergarten while trying to recite poetry with his little cloth rag, again.

More than 50,000 babies already have their memories saved privately and securely in their time capsules at StepsLife. Now you can start building your kids’ stories too, as easily as clicking here.


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