5 winter getaways with your children


Plan a winter vacation with your family. A getaway during the first quarter of the year will see you charged with energy to face 2018 with overwhelming strength and brimming optimism. Don’t miss our proposals on wonderful trip ideas for you and the kids!

First Snow

Little girl kissing a snowman in winter nature
Beautiful little girl kissing a snowman, playing outside in winter nature

A perfect winter plan for you and the children is to enjoy the snow as a family. You could choose a ski resort for the children to get started on learning winter sports or to simply bask in nature’s beauty. Imagine yourself and the kids frolicking in the snow, building snowmen and riding sleighs. Remember to pack appropriate winter clothes, hats, gloves and sunglasses to protect the children’ eyes from harmful reflections. Do not forget your SPF16 sunscreen and lip-care for the entire family.

Beach Winter

A baby on a beach

A contrasting alternative; take a break from the freezing temperatures and venture into warmer weather. The trip need not be very long. Along the coast, for example, temperatures are much more pleasant than in more interior regions, and stepping on the beach sand, building a few impressive sand-castles, or just generally enjoying dedicated children’s play areas across coastal beaches will serve as a great refresher for the children.

Rural Expeditions

Trip to the Beach in the Winter

Switch out the drab city air for a holiday where everyone can connect with nature. Children will love going out into the countryside to discover seasonal changes, picking out chestnuts and tree branches with which to make some easy craft in the warmth of your countryside home. It is advisable that you choose housing locations in towns or in places close to one, in the process making sure that you have all basic necessities for your children, on demand.

Winter Cruise

Smooth rocks and pond on a tropical forest background

A fun alternative that seems to be more fashionable today is to spend a few vacation days on a cruise. Gauge the available options and choose the most appropriate cruise based on how old your children are. There are cruises with dedicated children’s themes where you’re sure to have a great time. In case you’d prefer a trip with a more cultural content check the scales and schedules of departure and arrival to the boat so that they do not become too tired for the kids.

Distance is not an impediment to fun

Baby Boy Sleeping In Bassinet On Airplane

Traveling long distances with babies or small children is not a problem. If your means of transport is an airplane, remember that airlines have cribs that are anchored in front of the seats of parents to travel more comfortably. To avoid any hearing discomfort during takeoff and landing, give your children a drink of water or fresh juice during those moments. In addition, it is advisable to travel with some of their favorite toys, notebooks, colors and books to keep them entertained during the trip.

The only thing left now is to enjoy your winter getaways. Have a good trip!

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