Costumes to enjoy the carnival with family

The best way to enjoy the carnival is to do it as a family. To amplify fun and laughter, instead of picking individual costumes, you might want to look for a common theme that unites all members of the family. To make it easier, we’ve got suggestions for costume themes that you could consider for this carnival with your family.

Are you ready for the party?

Star Wars


The Star Wars universe opens up numerous avenues to showcase your homemade-costume-mastery and also create costumes for the whole family without much effort. Among other options, you could make a Jedi costume for which it is essential to have a brown tunic to wear over a shirt and white pants. For the ‘Princess Leia’, you will need a white dress with a belt. You can style your hair with braids or clip on some hairpieces made from wool, for instance.

Where’s Waldo?


An original, family carnival costume theme. And it’s as easy as wearing white and red-striped shirts, a pair of pasta glasses and the unmistakable red hat with the tassel hanging at the end.



Make your little munchkins stand out as the most terrible predators of the seas with some shark costumes. You can build the costumes with gray pants and a sweatshirt onto whose hood, you could sow in some razor-sharp teeth and eyes made with felt. Adults can disguise themselves as surfers attacked by the fearsome sharks or intrepid lifeguards.

Wizard of Oz


The characters from the Wizard of Oz can become a good reason to make a costume as a family. The Witches of the four cardinal points, Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and the cowardly Lion could come alive in each member of the family.



Track masters, tightrope walkers, trapeze artists, clowns and much more. You could model costumes based on circus characters without much effort. For example, for the strongmen, place stuffing inside the arms and torso region of a flesh-colored shirt. Complete it with a dumbbell made from a light pole and two black balloons attached to the ends.



Happiness, Grief, Fear, Anger … Paint the faces of each family member in the color of the character. Add clothes of the same tone and wigs. The result will be an original costume theme to laugh about as a family.


Turn your family into this gang of intrepid investigators on the trail of ghostly, supernatural, and mysterious criminals. Once you have the Scooby Doo costume, you only have to disguise the other characters, as people dressed in late ‘60s attire.


Make use of a pair of baby pyjamas or tracksuit to sew in a “white belly” with felt. In the hood, attach some mouse ears and you will have a mouse costume for the kids. The rest of the family can play the part of the team of chefs in your makeshift restaurant.


We’d like to end our list with a fun costume to wear as a family. Dad can transform himself into Gru, while the role of Lucy is reserved for the mother, and the more children there are, the better because there is a character for everyone: Agnes, Margo, Edith, Professor Nefario and, of course, the Minions.

Pictures: Star WarsWaldoSharksWizard of OzCircusInside OutScooby DooRatatouille, Minions.

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