Five fun desserts to make with the kids


For any family, it’s the simple, daily activities that have the potential to excite your children a lot more than we tend to believe. To spend a fun evening at home, we propose that you indulge in the preparation of some delicious desserts with your children. Simple recipes with which to test our expertise as chefs, as well as encouraging the creativity of children through basic culinary education.

With the following proposals, in addition to teaching children how to cook, we’re looking to get them involved in day-to-day activities, and foster an environment that promotes eating well and healthy. Fancy cooking with us?

Frozen banana candies


Delicious, homemade ice-cream made with fruit and some chocolate will be the perfect complement to your children’s meals or snacks. Doing it is quite easy. Get the children to peel two bananas, and divide them into four pieces using a blunt knife (to reduce all risks of potential harm). Dip half the number of pieces in plain yogurt and the other half in molten chocolate. Skewer them on a stick, and bring them together by dipping a piece of banana in the chocolate, followed by one with yogurt and finally, adding a strawberry on top before you put everything in the freezer until it hardens.

Monster Cookies


It doesn’t take long to prepare this “fun-eat” with the children. All you need to do is melt white chocolate, to which you may then add blue food coloring. Once the chocolate has completely melted, and has taken the tone you’re looking for, dip Oreo cookies in the chocolate melt until they are completely covered. Before the chocolate hardens, place a couple of sugar crystals on the face of the cookie to represent the eyes, and a piece of a mini cookie below. It would then seem like the Cookie Monster is devouring the kids’ snack.

Owl cupcakes


Try making fun, owl-shaped cupcakes that your children would want to just gobble up in one bite. Get started by baking some simple muffins at home. You can choose to cook them with milk or the simplest recipe with yogurt measures. Once the batter has cooled, cover it with a thick layer of molten chocolate or frosting. Add the finishing touches by placing an open-faced, Oreo cookie in the middle to depict the eyes, and some form of colored candy for the owl’s beak.

Edible pencils


In this section, we’d like to share a fun recipe for “edible pencils” to make with the children. Using waffle biscuits, cut one of the ends to make it out into the shape of a pencil tip. Heat up a little white chocolate in the microwave. Divide the molten chocolate into two bowls and add some pink food coloring in one of them. Proceed by dipping the tip of the cookie into the white chocolate, followed by the opposite end into the pink food color-molten chocolate mix. All you need is a mini-chocolate cookie to make the dough and you will soon have your pencils ready.

Kiwi lollipops


An effective way to get your children to take a liking to eating fruit is by dousing fruit in some chocolate and showcasing them as though they were lollipops. Help the children peel and slice some kiwis. Melt some chocolate in the microwave, accompanied by some stirring every 30 seconds or so. Pin the kiwi slices on to a stick and dip them in the chocolate. You may place some colored chips on top. Following that, your lollipops will be ready to be placed in the freezer for about 10 minutes, before they are devoured.

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