Violeta Rodríguez: “Capture magical moments through images that will lead you to relive those unique moments each time you view them”


The birth of a child is undoubtedly one of the greatest and happiest family events one could experience. We’d never want to miss a moment, a gesture, or even a smile…A good number of photographs and videos will do the trick, but with a result you’re truly happy with?

To help parents get the best faces of their little ones, we’ve got Violeta Rodriguezan expert photographer specialized in children and families– who tells us some secret methods she has to incite the magic of the moment in each one of her images.


Q. When we photograph a baby for months, what is the ideal environment? Do we prefer outdoor locations, or would we rather do them indoors?

A. The style of photos depends a lot on whether the baby is under 6 months or more. I’d like to recommend photographing them when the child is voluntarily seated. That way, you’ll save any trouble of having to crop others out from photos or having to make sure the child remains restrained while being photographed. It may be ideal to stay home and take the opportunity to picture them in their usual environment, with their toys or in their room, especially since that room that the parents decorated with much affection will cease to remain that way in a few years.

Should the weather work in your favor, you could also go to a park. Of course, you’ve got beautiful parks around you, with many resources, where memorable family photos could be clicked.

Q. Is there a more appropriate time to take photos of the little ones?

A. I have always believed that any time is a good time to take pictures of our children. All moments are special, but truth be told, one of the best periods to plan a photo session for your kid ranges between the time they are 6 months old until the moment when they learn to stand on their own.

Another set of special opportunities present themselves when they begin to walk, that makes for numerous, picture-perfect situations.


Q. Shooting multiple images or assessing for ourselves what image we would want to have and photograph fewer, more precise moments. What usually works best?

A. We live in the Digital Age. Don’t worry if you want to shoot multiple times. You could then choose the images that you like best. What’s more important than the frequency of the photographs themselves, is to live those moments with your children, as we wait to capture them. It is what I call “the magic of the moment”; to capture a specific moment, whose image will immediately take you down memory lane.

Additionally, preparing compositions to capture beautiful moments of your child is something to discuss. For my sessions, I like to have the image in a specific place, so I bring my models to the set and then I let them be themselves.

Q. From what height do we photograph the baby?

A. People say eye-level works best, as a rule-of-thumb, for the best results, although that doesn’t mean we stop playing around and look for other angles to surprise ourselves with surprisingly artistic shots.

We sparingly use the flash on the camera or the mobile, or better still, avoid it.

There are studies that have shown that flash may not be harmful. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t annoying, and if it can be avoided, all the better. I do not recommend using flash, not only because it’s annoying, but because it flattens the photo out, changes natural colors, and in short, it’s unhealthy. I understand that sometimes it may be unavoidable, but I recommend avoiding it whenever possible.

For instance, imagine that you want to photograph your child while playing with a new toy or while eating a cookie, but there isn’t enough light. In this case, if you want to catch some nice pictures, relocate the child to a place where you have a window nearby. You could place them on the rug in your room, or on the couch in the living room …what’s important is to remember to always have light facing them.

Our little ones grow up very fast, so don’t miss the chance to capture those first special moments. These pictures will be part of the best story in the world, your baby’s story.

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