5 tips for preventing our kids’ colds and flu

How difficult it is to get rid of colds! Not a year will pass without a virus appearing in our home and leaving us with a cough, a runny nose, a headache and or even a high fever. In fact, it is the biggest reason why children often miss daycare or school.

To avoid these annoying symptoms we give you 5 homemade tips to prevent a cold:

Wash your hands

Young Girl Washing Hands

The correct washing of hands can prevent, as indicated by medical studies, a significant number of infections. To get an effective wash we give you a trick. Wet your hands, put a pea of soap and rub their hands as the children sing Happy Birthday. The song lasts the time a washing should last.

In addition, it is important to accustom children to wash their hands after blowing their nose or sneezing. If they are away from home, teach them to cover their nose and mouth not with their hands, but with their forearms.

Keep children away from other people with colds

The causes of contagion of the cold are coming in contact with viruses, which can travel in the air more than 3 meters, or touching objects that have been infected. Therefore, it is best not to take children to visit people who are sick. The time of highest infection rate is between two and four days after the onset of the first symptoms.

Do not share utensils with people with colds

Boy measuring fever

Children should be taught not to share everyday utensils, such as glasses or cutlery. Not only is this an easy way to catch colds but, in addition, it can also be the beginning of many other infections.

Ventilate the house every day

Sometimes, and especially in winter, we are reluctant to ventilate the house for fear of leaving it too cold. This simple daily gesture helps improve our health and prevents the viruses that may have been left at home from being inhaled by the children. It is very important to do it in homes with children. The best time to open the windows is early in the morning and ventilate the house for 30 minutes, this will be enough.

Keep them away from tobacco

Woman using nasal aspirator for baby

Avoid children breathing secondhand smoke from tobacco, as the irritating particles penetrate the skin and clothing of your children. In addition, tobacco is a very harmful habit for those who smoke it and for those who breathe in the smoke.

If these simple tips are not enough to prevent the cold we recommend that you relieve the symptoms of the children with humidifiers that help them breathe better, putting saline solutions in their nostrils to reduce congestion or take care for the delicate skin around their nose with Vaseline special for children.

There is no scientific evidence that recommends a good chicken soup to get rid of a cold, but it is true that in these cases a chicken soup makes everyone feel better. Do not worry about the lack of appetite of the kids. The important thing is that they eat when they are hungry and, above all, that they are well hydrated. Give them water frequently, some juices and, if they are babies, breast milk is undoubtedly the best food.


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