Original photo ideas that every pregnant woman should have


See your belly growing day by day. Notice how your baby starts to move inside of you. Feel that, now more than ever, you are permanently accompanied. Pregnancy is one of the most fascinating periods that a woman can live. Knowing that life grows inside you is magical and that’s why we like to keep memories of every moment of our pregnancy.

Some of those special moments can be immortalized thanks to StepsLife, the private capsule of your baby. You will be able to show him, when he is older, how it was to have him inside your tummy. If you are thinking of having a photoshoot during your pregnancy, you cannot miss these proposals we give you ahead to obtain unforgettable memories.

Deciding the name

Closeup of pregnant woman with child names on memo stickers

If you are still deciding the name of the baby you can make a funny picture with your belly full of colorful pieces of paper and, in them, write the different alternatives that you have thought for the baby’s name. You can even record a video explaining to the baby the reason for each of the names. I’m sure he’ll like to know when he grows up. If it is already decided, record yourself by removing the papers, one by one, until the chosen name is the only one left in your belly.

The time is here


The last weeks of waiting are the longest. You want to have your baby in your arms. Feel its warmth close to you. A photo can be a nice way to express that impatience. Place next to your tummy a watch that shows you are looking forward to meet him. Also tell him in an audio how much you want to hug him against your chest.

Photos with siblings

happy family

Create a family memory with a picture of your older children next to the belly. You can take pictures of them while caressing your baby, listen to their heartbeat or how they are surprised by the movements of the baby. These photos with his brothers and sisters are so sweet and, thus, your baby will always know how much they love him and how excited they were to meet him, take care of him and pamper him.

Do not miss dad


Do not forget to have some snaps with dad. Make him participate in these special moments with a photo session as a couple. You will capture very emotional moments that you will enjoy again with your baby when he is already with you.

Funny pictures


A trend among pregnant women is to take photos with their bellies painted. You can choose who will paint your belly. Either a body painting artist, your own little ones (which will turn into a beautiful emotional session) or do it yourself. Make fun drawings to remember the best moments of your pregnancy.

Show your little one how much you love him

Express how much you love the baby you carry in your belly in a photo. You can use small objects as props, so the image makes sense and you can tell your baby how you can’t wait for him to arrive. A lollipop or a heart shaped balloon will work as props for these types of shoots. You can also add in the picture some drawings from your children dedicated to the new baby.

And when you have all the photographs in your hands do not forget to save them in StepsLife so you can relive those magical moments whenever you want.

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